Completed Research Project Reports

Research Reports

  • Vermont 2016 Annual Seat Belt Use Survey
    Author(s): Samantha Tilton, James Sullivan, Jonathan Dowds, and Karen Sentoff
    TRC Report # 17-001
  • Examining the Potential Impacts of Maintenance Investment and Capital Reinvestment in Vermont’s Roadway Infrastructure Network
    Author(s): Karen Sentoff, James Sullivan, David C. Novak, and Jonathan Dowds
    TRC Report # 17-002
  • Personal Transportation Plan Pilot Program Phase 1: Exploring Transportation Behaviors and Needs of People with Physical Disabilities and Mobility Constraints 
    TRC Report #17-003
  • Designing the All-in-One Vermont Transportation Survey
    Author(s):Lisa Aultman-Hall and Jonathan Dowds
    TRC Report #17-004
  • Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Planning: Agency Roles and Workforce Development Needs
    Author(s):Lisa Aultman-Hall, Jonathan Dowds, Carol Vallett, and Glenn McRae
    National Center for Sustainable Transportation Research Report
  • Vermont Travel Model 2016-2017
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Karen Sentoff
    TRC Report # 17-005
  • Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Program
    Author(s): Karen Sentoff and James Sullivan
    TRC Report # 17-006
  • Quantifying the Impact that New Capital Projects Will Have on Roadway Snow and Ice Control Operations
    Author(s): James Sullivan, Jonathan Dowds, David C. Novak, Darren Scott, and Cliff Ragsdale
    Clear Roads Project CR 14-02

  • Vermont 2015 Annual Seat Belt Use Survey
    Author(s): Samantha Tilton, James Sullivan, and Karen Sentoff
    TRC Report # 16-001
  • Long-Term & Short-Term Measures of Roadway Snow and Ice Control Performance
    Author(s): James Sullivan, Jonathan Dowds, Darren M. Scott, and David C. Novak
    TRC Report # 16-002
  • Using Remote Data Collection to Identify Bridges and Culverts Susceptible to Blockage During Flooding Events
    Author(s): James Sullivan, Jarlath O’Neill-Dunne, and Sean McFaden
    TRC Report # 16-003
  • Vermont Travel Model 2015-2016
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Karen Sentoff
    TRC Report # 16-004
  • Identifying Best Practices for Snowplow Route Optimization
    Author(s): Jonathan Dowds, James Sullivan, David C. Novak, and Darren Scott
    Clear Roads Project CR14-07
  • Transportation Job Needs and Priorities Report, Phase 1: Northeast Region
    Northeast Workforce Center Report
  • Transportation Job Needs and Priorities Report, Phase 2: Action Plans Northeast Region
    Northeast Workforce Center Report
  •  Alternative Fuels in Transportation: Workforce needs and opportunities in support of reducing reliance on petroleum fuels
    Author(s): Abby Bleything, Greer Cowan, Glenn McRae, Linnea Myers
    Northeast Workforce Center Report 

  • Quantifying the Equity of Bikeshare Access in US Cities
    Author(s): Julia Ursaki and Lisa Aultman-Hall
    TRC Report # 15-011
  • Vermont Travel Model, 2014-2015
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Karen Sentoff
    TRC Report # 15-010
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Climate Adaptation Efforts across State, Regional and Local Transportation Agencies
    Author(s): Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Dowds, Jonathan
    National Center for Sustainable Transportation White Paper
  • Biological Inflammatory and Metabolic Effects of Petro-and Bio-diesel Exhaust Particulate Matter Emissions from a Light-Duty Diesel Engine
    Author: Fukagawa, Holmen
    TRC Report # 15-009
  • Adaptation and Application of Micro-Simulation Modeling to Recreational Use of Parks and Public Lands
    Author(s): Manning, Robert; Reigner, Nathan; Wimpey, Jeremy; Valliere, William; Xiao, Xiao;
    TRC Report # 15-008
  • Intercity Travel in Northeastern Rural Regions of the U.S.
    Author(s): Neely, Sean; Lee, Brian H.Y.; Sentoff, Karen;
    TRC Report # 15-007
  • Laboratory Performance of Pervious Concrete Subjected to Deicing Salts and Freeze-Thaw
    Author(s): Anderson, Ian; Walsh, Dylan; Oka, Lalita; Dewoolkar, Mandar; Limberg, Susan; Sevi, Adam; Schmeckpeper, Edwim;
    TRC Report # 15-006
  • Development of GIS Tools to Optimize Identification of Road Segments Prone to Flood Damage
    Author(s): Ernie Buford, Jim Sullivan, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, and Austin Troy
    TRC Report # 15-005
  • Statewide Analysis of Guardrails, Crashes and Curves
    Author(s): Lee, Brian; Rekalde Aizpuru, Paola; Neely, Sean;
    TRC Report #15-004
  • Conducting a Longitudinal Survey of Overnight Travel: Methods and Preliminary Findings
    Author(s): Harvey, Chester; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; LaMondia, Jeffrey; Sullivan, James; Greene, Elizabeth; Ritter, Chloe;
    TRC Report # 15-003
  • Scour Damage to Vermont Bridges
    Author(s):Anderson, Ian; Dewoolkar, Mandar; Rizzo, Donna; Huston, Dryver; Frolik, Jeff;
    TRC Report #15-002

  • Strategic Location of Satellite Salt Storage for Roadway Snow and Ice Control in Vermont
    Author(s): Jonathan Dowds, Jim Sullivan, David Novak, and Darren Scott
    TRC Report # 14-019
  • Vermont Travel Model, 2013-2014  
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Jonathan Dowds
    TRC Report # 14-018
  • Assessing the Travel Data Needs for Vermont Transportation Performance Metrics
    Author(s): Aultman-Hall, Lisa; McRae, Glenn
    TRC Report # 14-017
  • A Risk-Based Flood-Planning Strategy for Vermont’s Roadway Network
    Author(s): James Sullivan and David C. Novak
    TRC Report # 14-016
  • Estimating the Effect of Mobility and Food Choice on Obesity
    Author(s): Kolodinsky, Jane; Lee, Brian; Johnson, Rachel; Roche, Eric; Battista, Geoffrey
    TRC Report # 14-015
  • Statistical Analysis of Weigh-in-Motion Data for Bridge Design in Vermont
    Author(s): Hernandez, Eric
    TRC Report # 14-014
  • Impacts of Transportation Infrastructure on Storm water and Surfaces Waters in Chittenden County, Vermont, USA
    Author(s): Bartlett, Joseph; Bowden, William;
    TRC Report # 14-013
  • Evaluation of Transportation/Air Quality Model Improvements Based on TOTEMS On-road Driving Style and Tailpipe Emissions Data
    Author(s): Britt Holmen
    TRC Report # 14-012
  • Exploration of Walking Behavior in Vermont Using Spatial Regression
    Author(s): Lee, Nancy; Lee, Brian
    TRC Report # 14-011
  • Understanding and Managing the Impacts of Electric Vehicles on Electric Power Distribution Systems
    Author(s): Hines, Paul; Frolik, Jeff; Marshall, Jeffrey; Rezaei, Pooya; Seier, Andrew; Fuhrmann, Andrew;
    TRC Report # 14-010
  • Quantifying Biodiesel Fuel Effects on Light-Duty Diesel Engine Particle Composition by GCMS
    Author(s): Holmen, Britt; Kasumba, John; Cannta, Philip;
    TRC Report # 14-009
  • Tailpipe Emissions and Engine Performance of a Light-Duty Diesel
    Engine Operating on Petro- and Bio- diesel Fuel Blends

    Author(s): Holmen, Britt; Feralio, Tyler; Dunshee, James; Sentoff, Karen;
    TRC Report # 14-008
  • Light-Duty Gasoline Hybrid-Electric and Conventional Vehicle Tailpipe
    Emissions Under Real-World Operating Conditions

    Author(s): Holmen, Britt; Robinson, Mitchell; Conger, Matthew; Sentoff, Karen;
    TRC Report # 14-007
  • Vehicle, Driver and Atmospheric Factors in Light-Duty Vehicle Particle Number Emissions
    Author(s): Jackson, Eric; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Holmen, Britt;
    TRC Report # 14-006
  • Signature Project 1B-Integrated Land-Use, Transportation and Environmental Modeling
    Author(s): Troy, Austin; Voigt, Brian; Sullivan, Jim; Azaria, Dale; Lanute, Brad; Sadek, Adel; Lawe, Stephen; Hershey, David; Grady, Brian; Broussard, John; Lobb, John;
    TRC Report # 14-005
  • Work Zones and Travel Speeds: The Effects of Uniform Traffic Officers & Other Speed Management Measures
    Author(s): Lee, Brian H. Y.; Azaria, Dale; Neely, Sean;
    TRC Report # 14-004
  • Implementation, Driver Behavior, and Simulation: Issues Related to Roundabouts in Northern New England
    Author(s): Belz, Nathan; Aultman-Hall, Lisa;
    TRC Report # 14-003
  • Impact of Information Network Structure on Inter-organizational Partnership Collaboration: A Hierarchical Perspective
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Sun, Tao;
    TRC Report # 14-002
  • Bicycles, Transportation Sustainability, and Quality of Life
    Author(s): Spencer, Phoebe; Watts, Richard; Vivanco, Luis; Kaza, Stephanie; Farley, Joshua;
    TRC Report # 14-001

  • Travel Importance and Strategic Investment in Vermont’s Transportation Assets
    Author(s): Jim Sullivan, Dave Novak, and Darren Scott
    TRC Report # 13-016
  • Vermont Travel Model 2012-2013
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Matt Conger
    TRC Report # 13-015
  • Regional Models of Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel in Chittenden County, Vermont
    Author(s): Sullivan, James; Dowds, Jonathan; Aultman-Hall, Lisa;
    TRC Report # 13-014
  • Spatial Analysis of Intersection Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts
    Author(s): James Sullivan, George Lu, and Austin Troy
    TRC Report # 13-013
  • Sustainable Transportation for Tourism: Indicators and Standards
    Author(s): Manning, Robert; Chase, Lisa; Anderson, Laura; Kestenbaum, David; Mastrangelo, Christina; Pettengill, Peter; Reigner, Nathan; Valliere, William;
    TRC Report # 13-012
  • Sustainable Transportation for Tourism: Green Certification Programs
    Author(s): Manning, Robert; Chase, Lisa; Anderson, Laura; Kestenbaum, David; Mastrangelo, Christina; Pettengill, Peter; Reigner, Nathan; Valliere, William
    TRC Report # 13-011
  • Reducing Single-Occupancy Vehicle Use in Northern New England; Unlimited Access, Employee Incentives and Ridesharing
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Battista, Geoff
    TRC Report # 13-010
  • Examining the Effects of Transportation Governance on Infrastructure Adaptation to Climate Change
    Author(s): Zia, Asim; Koliba, Christopher; Schulz, Anna
    TRC Report # 13-009
  • Passenger Vehicle Idling in Vermont Phase II
    Author(s): Dowds, Jonathan; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Sentoff, Karen; Sullivan, James
    TRC Report # 13-008
  • Laboratory & Field Evaluations of Pervious Concrete
    Author(s): Anderson, Ian; Suozzo, Mark; Dewoolkar, Mandar
    TRC Report # 13-007
  • The Social Drivers of Conservation: Social Capital, Environmental Concern and Transportation
    Author(s): Macias, Thomas; Williams, Kristin
    TRC Report # 13-006
  • Optimization of Snow Removal in Vermont
    Author(s): Jonathan Dowds, Jim Sullivan, Dave Novak, and Darren Scott
    TRC Report # 13-005
  • Multi-Scale Model of the U.S. Transportation Energy Market for Policy Assessment
    Author(s): Eppstein, Margaret; Rizzo, Donna; Marshall, Jeffrey;
    TRC Report # 13-004
  • Refugees and Transportation in Vermont: Travel Behavior and Critical Questions Based on Gender, Age, and Transportation Hierarchies
    Author(s): Bose, Pablo;
    TRC Report # 13-002
  • Modeling Travel Choices to Assess Potential Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions
    Author(s): Nam, Richard; Dowds, Jonathan; Lee, Brian H. Y.; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Johnson, Alyssa;
    TRC Report #13-001
  • Vermont Travel Model 2011-2012 
    Author(s): James Sullivan and Matt Conger
    TRC Report # 12-015
  • Transportation Education Demonstration Pilot Program
    Author(s): McRae, Glenn;
    TRC Report # 12-013
  • Spatial Extent of the Impact of Transported Road Materials on the Ecological Function of Forested Landscapes
    Author(s): Neher, Deborah; Asmussen, David; Williams, Kristin;
    TRC Report # 12-012
  • Environmental Concern, Social Capital and the Social Context of Tailpipe Emissions-Related Knowledge in Northern Climates
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Maddison, Jonathan; Macias, Thomas; Witham, Aaron;
    TRC Report # 12-011
  • The Social Construction and Framing of Tailpipe Emissions in the Media
    Author(s): Macias, Thomas; Nelson, Elysia; and Watts, Richard;
    TRC Report # 12-010
  • Passenger Vehicle Idling in Vermont
    Author(s): Jim Sullivan, Jonathan Dowds, and Lisa Aultman-Hall
    TRC Report # 12-009
  • Social Network Analysis of Sustainable Transportation Organizations
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Witham, Aaron;
    TRC Report # 12-008
  • Spatial Analysis of Travel Demand and Accessibility in Vermont: Where Will EVs Work?
    Author(s): Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Sears, Justine; Dowds, Jonathan; Hines, Paul;
    TRC Report # 12-007
  • Intelligent Trac Signals: Extending the Range of Self-Organization in the BML Model
    Author(s): Brown, Daniel; Danforth, Christopher;
    TRC Report # 12-005
  • Weather Factor Impacts on Commuting to Work by Bicycle
    Author(s): Flynn, Brian; Dana, Greg; Sears, Justine; Aultman-Hall, Lisa;
    TRC Report # 12-006
  • Identifying Network Representation Issues with the Network Trip Robustness
    Author(s): James Sullivan, David C. Novak, and Lisa Aultman-Hall
    TRC Report # 12-004
  • Integrated Land-Use, Transportation and Environmental Modeling the Vermont Integrated Land-Use and Transportation Carbon Estimator
    Author(s): Sullivan, James; Mika, Anna; Fraker, Joe; Hershey, David; Hathaway, Kevin;  Lawe, Stephen;
    TRC Report # 12-003
  • Seasonality, Mobility, and Livability
    Author(s): Kolodinsky, Jane; Roche, Erin; DeSisto, Thomas; Sawyer, William; Propen, David; Conte, Faye; Putnam, Matthew;
    TRC Report # 12-002
  • Integrated Transportation and Land Use Models: Systems Approaches and Applications for Modeling Transport Alternatives
    Author(s): Boumans, Roelof;
    TRC Report # 12-001
  • Vermont Travel Model 2010 – 2011
    Author(s): James Sullivan
    TRC Report # 11-009
  • Numerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of the Local Hydrology of a Porous Concrete Site
    Author(s): Syrrakou, Christina; Pinder, George
    TRC Report #11-008
  • Vermont Transportation Energy Report
    Author(s): Sears, Justine; Glitman, Karen
    TRC Report # 11-007
  • Application of the Network Robustness Index to Identify Critical Links Supporting Vermont’s Bulk Milk Transportation
    Author(s): Smith, Julia; Sullivan, James; Grover, Rebecca
    TRC Report # 11-006
  • Navigating Trade-Offs in Complex Systems: Deliberative Multi Criteria Decision Analysis of CCMPO Metropolitan Transportation Plan, 2010-2035
    Author(s): Zia, Asim
    TRC Report # 11-005
  • Atmospheric Oxidative Chemistry of Organic Particulate Emissions from Fuel Combustion
    Author(s): Geddes, Scott; Petrucci, Giuseppe
    TRC Report # 11-004
  • Efficient Transportation For Vermont: Optimal Statewide Transit Networks
    Author(s): Sullivan, James; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Belz, Nathan; Watts, Richard
    TRC Report # 11-002
  • A Travel-Livability Index for Seniors, Phase 1: Livability Attribute Importance
    Author(s): James Sullivan, Justine Sears, and Karen Glitman
    TRC Report # 11-001
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Project: Phase II Report
    Author(s): Dowds, Jonathan; Hines, Paul; Farmer, Chris; Watts, Richard; Letendre, Stephen;
    TRC Report # 10-001
  • Transportation Workforce Development at Community Colleges
    Author(s): Glitman, Karen;
    TRC Report # 10-002
  • Estimating Tourism Expenditures for the Burlington Waterfront Path and the Island Line Trail
    Author(s): Zhang, Chen; Jennings, Lance; Aultman-Hall, Lisa;
    TRC Report # 10-003
  • Effect of Miles Per Gallon Feedback on Fuel Efficiency in Gas-Powered Cars
    Author(s): Solomon, Laura; Lange, N.; Schwob, Michael; Callas, P.;
    TRC Report # 10-004
  • Gasoline Taxes: An Examination of News Media Discourse Related to Gas Tax Funding Debates in Six States
    Author(s): Watts, Richard
    TRC Report # 10-005
  • Phase I Report: Integrated Land Use, Transportation, and Environmental Modeling
    Author(s): Troy, Austin; Voigt,Brian; Sadek, Adel; Lawe, Stephen; Yu, Jun; Yang, Yi; Hershey,David; Grady, Brian; Broussard, John; Lobb, John;
    TRC Report # 10-006
  • Vermont Statewide Travel Demand Model – A Preliminary Evaluation
    Author(s): Weeks, Andrew;
    TRC Report # 10-007
  • Integrated Land-Use, Transportation and Environmental Modeling: Validation Case Studies
    Author(s): Sullivan, Jim; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Troy, Austin; Azaria, Dale; Lawe, Stephen
    TRC Report # 10-008
  • Application of the Network Robustness Index to Identifying Critical Road-Network Links in Chittenden County, Vermont
    Author(s): Jim Sullivan, Lisa Aultman-Hall, and Dave Novak
    TRC Report # 10-009
  • Increasing Carpooling in Vermont: Opportunities and Obstacles
    Author(s): Watts, Richard
    TRC Report # 10-010
  • Quantifying Vermont Transportation Safety Factors: Young Drivers and Departure from Lane
    Author(s): Sears, Justine; Glitman, Karen; Aultman-Hall, Lisa
    TRC Report # 10-011
  • Is There a Link Between Highway Funding, Construction Costs, and Employment?
    Author(s): Sicotte, Richard; Glitman, Karen
    TRC Report # 10-012
  • Design and Collection of the NETI New England Travel Survey
    Author(s): Coogan, Matthew; Gibson, Lucy; Campbell, Margaret
    TRC Report # 10-013
  • More Robust Spatial Sampling Strategies for Non-motorized Traffic
    Author(s): Zang, Chen; Jennings, Lance; Aultman-Hall, Lisa
    TRC Report # 10-014
  • The On-Board Tailpipe Emissions Measurement System (TOTEMS): Proof-of-Concept
    Author(s): Holmen, Britt; Robinson, Mitchell; Sentoff, Karen; Montane, Paul; Hathaway, Kevin
    TRC Report # 10-015
  • Scenario Analyses and Simulations Using TRANSIMS and UrbanSim for the Chittenden County of Vermont
    Author(s): Yu, Jun; Yang, Yi;
    TRC Report # 10-016
  • Vermont Transportation Energy Report
    Author(s): Sears, Justine; Glitman, Karen
    TRC Report # 10-017
  • Transportation, Equity, and Communities at Risk: Refugee Population and Transportation Accessibility in Vermont
    Author(s): Bose, Pablo
    TRC Report # 10-018
  • Advanced Development and Calibration of the Network Robustness Index to Identify Critical Road Network Links
    Author(s): Dave Novak, Jim Sullivan, and Lisa Aultman-Hall
    TRC Report # 10-019
  • Pupil Transportation: Travel Behavior, Traffic Impacts, and Potentials for Improvement
    Author(s): Wang, Qingbin; Campbell, Erica; Parsons, Robert
    TRC Report # 10-020
  • The Demographics of Travel in the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Region
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Gekas, Cassandra; Coffin, Tristam
    TRC Report # 09-001
  • Results of the Vermont Rural Transportation Funding Summit
    Author(s): Glitman, Karen; Aultman-Hall, Lisa
    TRC Report # 09-002
  • Future Transportation Financing Options: Challenges and Opportunities for Rural States
    Author(s): Kenyan, Jennifer; Glitman, Karen; McRae, Glenn
    TRC Report # 09-003
  • Vermont Transportation Energy Report 2009
    Author(s): Kenyan, Jennifer; Glitman, Karen; Watts, Richard
    TRCReport # 09-004
  • Transportation Impacts of Smart Growth Development in Maine
    Author(s): Weeks. Andrew
    TRC Report # 09-005
  • Modeling the Emissions of Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles on Interstate 89/189 and US Route 7 in the Burlington Area
    Author(s): Weeks, Andrew
    TRC Report # 09-006
  • Vermont Transportation Energy Report 2008
    Author(s): Glitman, Karen; Aultman-Hall, Lisa; Coffin, Tristam; Watts, Richard
    TRC Report # 08-001
  • Performance of a Battery Electric Vehicle in the Cold Climate and Hilly Terrain of Vermont
    Author(s): Cross, Michael; Pelletier, Keith; Varhue, Walter
    TRC Report # 08-002
  • Incentive Elasticity of Demand for Bike/Walk Program
    Author(s): Kolodinsky, Jane; Roche, Erin
    TRC Report # 08-003
  • Transportation System Efficiency in Vermont – An Initial Evaluation
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Wang, Elaine; Aultman-Hall, Lisa
    TRC Report # 08-004
  • Regional Microscopic Simulation Model for Studying Traffic Control Strategies at Work Zones
    Author(s): Patil, Gopal; Sadek, Adel
    TRC Report # 08-005
  • Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles and the Vermont Grid: A Scoping Analysis
    Author(s): Letendre, Steven; Watts, Richard; Cross, Michael
    TRC Report # 08-006
  • Vermont Transportation Energy Report 2007
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Glitman, Karen; Wang, Elaine
    TRC Report # 07-001
  • Voices of Vermonters: Vermont’s Transportation Future 08-00
    Author(s): Watts, Richard; Campbell, Erica
    TRC Report # 07-002
  • Intelligent Adaptive Control for Dynamic Route Guidance
    Author(s): Adel Sadek
    TRC Report # 07-003
  • Extended Kalman Filter for the On-line Calibration of Traffic Simulation Models
    Author(s): Adel Sadek and Donna Rizzo
    TRC Report # 07-004

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