Karen Sentoff

Karen Sentoff

Research Specialist

UVM Transportation Research Center
118 Farrell Hall
210 Colchester Ave
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Karen officially joined the research team at the Transportation Research Center in 2013 after many years of experience conducting research at the Transportation Air Quality (TAQ) Laboratory in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS).  Her research focuses on novel data collection and modeling methods to help solve complex transportation problems.  Her work to date has spanned the field of transportation research from measuring the particle and gas-phase tailpipe emissions of alternatively fueled vehicles to developing an external trip model for the improvement of forecasting travel into and out of Vermont with the statewide travel demand model.

Karen is interested in using novel devices, data, tools, and methods to improve understanding of human behavior as it relates to travel – whether behind the wheel of a vehicle, choosing to ride a bus or train, or walking and biking in the community – and the implications of those behaviors and interactions with infrastructure on safety, environment, energy, and health.  In addition, her formal training in civil and environmental engineering poises her for research in sustainable transportation infrastructure systems, with emphasis on infrastructure resilience in the face of an uncertain climate future, alternatives to the fossil fuel driven transportation system, and mechanisms to fund a sustainable infrastructure system in the future.



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