Jon Dowds

Jonathan Dowds

Research Analyst

DSC_4342 UVM Transportation Research Center
Farrell Hall, 210 Colchester Ave
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Jonathan Dowds is a Research Analyst at the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center and holds a MS in Natural Resources. His work focuses on transportation sustainability and especially the nexus between transportation and climate change. His research addresses transportation sector energy use, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. Within the climate change adaptation arena, Dowds has focused on best practices in adaptation planning and advancing criticality assessments to prioritize adaptation and other transportation investments. Much of his recent mitigation research has focused on opportunities to reduce transportation fuel consumption by institutional vehicle fleets. In a pair of projects for the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Dowds and his colleagues have worked to optimize the state’s snow plow fleet route system and quantifying the benefits of adding additional garage locations for these vehicles. Dowds has also studied the deployment of electric vehicles, including assessing the suitability of electric vehicles to meet individuals travel needs in a range of urban/rural settings and estimating the impact of vehicle charging on power systems infrastructure and emissions.



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