Graduate Research 2012-2013

Graduate Research 2012-2013

Research into sustainable transportation combines many disciplines and perspectives. Graduate students in Social Sciences may collect travel survey data, coordinate focus groups, and conduct field studies of human behavior. Engineering students model travel demand, optimize the transportation network system and perform both lab and field
experiments on tailpipe emissions. Economic students may delve into transportation financing issues and students in Community Development and Applied Economics may examine transportation impacts on our communities.All TRC graduate students conduct research that addresses critical issues in transportation and solutions for the 21st century.

Project Title Student (Dept/College)
Best practices in transportation communications & applications for the UVM Transportation Research Center Ben Carlson (MPA)
Masters of Public Administration (CDAE-CALS)
Predicting Transient Particle Number Emissions from Different Blends and Feedstocks of Biodiesel Using an Artificial Neural Network Tyler Feralio (PhD)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEMS)
Micro-scale measures of physical street environments and their relationship to user happiness Chester Harvey (MS)
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Understanding the relationship between familiarity and fault in motor vehicle crashes Kristine Harootunian (MS)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEMS)
Chittenden County, Vermont implementation of the UrbanSim modeling framework; Development of a model of impervious surface area resulting from development Isaac Lawrence (MS)
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Designing an energy use indicator for the Chittenden County model of UrbanSim, using it to predict geographic areas of intense energy use, predicting annual energy consumption from three main sectors of energy use: 1.) residential 2.) commercial/industrial and 3.) transportation. Tim Pede (MS)
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Machine-Man Collaboration for Counting Pedestrians, Bicycles, and Cars in Video Ben Schilling (MS)
Electrical Engineering (CEMS)
The Effects of Perkins Act Policies on Gender Equity in Vermont High School Career Technical Education: A Hierarchical Linear Model Dan Sithole (PhD)
Educational Leadership and Policy (CESS)
Connecting Mobility and Wellbeing: Quality of Life Dimensions in Bicycle Transportation Phoebe Spencer (MS)
Community Development and Applied Economics (CALS)

* TRC Scholar

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For more information about graduate studies and the TRC, please see our FAQs or contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Glenn McRae with your area of interest.


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