Graduate Research 2011-2012

Graduate Research 2011-2012

Research into sustainable transportation combines many disciplines and perspectives. Graduate students in Social Sciences may collect travel survey data, coordinate focus groups, and conduct field studies of human behavior. Engineering students model travel demand, optimize the transportation network system and perform both lab and field experiments on tailpipe emissions. Economic students may delve into transportation financing issues and students in Community Development and Applied Economics may examine transportation impacts on our communities.All TRC graduate students conduct research that addresses critical issues in transportation and solutions for the 21st century.


Project Title Student (Dept/College)
Characterizing Spatial Variability of Obesity in Northern New England Qiong Liu
Characterization of Restart Events and Tailpipe Particulate Matter Emissions from a 2010 Hybrid Toyota Camry under Real-World Driving Conditions Matt Conger*
The Effects of Network Dynamics on Sustainable Transportation Organizations Aiming to Influence the Policy-Making Process Aaron Witham*
Strength and Durability Of Porous Concrete, Under Freezing/Thawing and Salt Exposure Ian Anderson
Estimating the Effect of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging on Distribution Transformer Aging Alex Hilshey*
Design, Fabrication, And Characterization of a Corona Ionizer for In-Situ Engine Exhaust Monitoring Andrew Vize
Integrating Sustainability with Transportation Asset Management Processes Tiyasha De Pinto*
Opposition to Roundabouts, Driver Behavior and Gap-Forcing at Roundabouts Nathan Patrick Belz*
An Investigation of the Testing Procedures and Field Performance of Pervious Concrete Pavements in Vermont Mark Joseph Suozzo
Specifying, Modeling & Monitoring Indicators of Quality for Parks and Outdoor Recreation Nathan Reigner
Prediction of Transient Diesel and Biodiesel Particulate through the use of an Artificial Neural Network Tyler Feralio*
Vibration Monitoring and Load Characteristics Evaluation of I-89 Bridge 58N Geoffrey James May
Developing Indicators of Urban Sprawl in Chittenden County for Use in Simulation Modeling and Scenario Analysis Brad Lanute*
Intra-household Vehicle Allocation as a Factor of System Efficiency and its Impact on the Vermont Carbon Footprint Richard Nam

* TRC Scholar

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