Graduate Research 2007-2008

Graduate Research 2007-2008

Research into sustainable transportation combines many disciplines and perspectives. Graduate students in Social Sciences may collect travel survey data, coordinate focus groups, and conduct field studies of human behavior. Engineering students model travel demand, optimize the transportation network system and perform both lab and field
experiments on tailpipe emissions. Economic students may delve into transportation financing issues and students in Community Development and Applied Economics may examine transportation impacts on our communities.All TRC graduate students conduct research that addresses critical issues in transportation and solutions for the 21st century.


Project Title Student (Dept/College)
Access to Health Care; Does Transportation Play a Role? Jane Roodenburg* (School of Nursing)
Biodiesel – Application of a Novel Analytical Method – Photoelectron Resonance Capture Ionization Aerosol Mass Spectrometry (PERCI AMS) Laura Occasio* (RSENR)
Calculating Sequestration for County-Level Carbon Budgets: A Case Study in Chittenden County, Vermont Erin Quigley* (RSENR
Carbon Life-cycle Analysis of Organic Versus Conventional Biofuel Crop Production for Canola and Sunflower Crops Grown in the Northeast Eleanor Campbell* (RSENR)
Development of an Architecture for Generating Environmental Outputs from an Integrated Land Use and Transportation Model Galen Wilkerson* (RSENR)
Emissions & Performance of Alternative Vehicles in Northern Climates Terry Barrett (CEMS)
Implementation and Architecture Development of a Combined Land Use & Transportation Model for Chittenden County, Vermont Brian Voigt* (RSENR)
Integrating Ecosystem Service Impact Assessment into an Integrated Land Use/Transportation Modeling Framework Ken Bagstad* (RSENR)
Intelligent Traffic Signals: Extending the Range of Self-Organization in Models Dan Brown* (CEMS)
Mapping Policy Drivers: Discourse Networks in the Formation of Vermont’s Transportation Energy Policy Elaine Wang* (RSENR)
Mechanical and Economic Performance of an Electric Car Utilizing the Zebra Battery Technology in Vermont Keith Pelletier* (CEMS)
Multiple Model Framework of Extended Kalman Filtering for Predicting Vehicle Location Using Latest Global Positioning System Cesar Barrios* (CEMS)
Scenario Land Use and Transportation Modeling for Community Engagement and Understanding at Regional and Local Scales of Governance Alexandra (Lexie) Reiss* (RSENR)
Staple Foods and Transportation: An Institutional Analysis of Local Versus Conventional Supply Chains on Carbon Emissions Alek Antczak* (RSENR)
Pupil Transportation: Travel Impacts and Potentials for Improvement Erica Campbell* (CDAE)
A Study on the Incentive Elasticity of Demand for Non-motorized Commuting in a University Community Erin Roche* (CDAE)

* TRC Scholar

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