Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Contact: Glenn McRae, Graduate Program Coordinator

UTC Graduate Scholars are:UVM graduate students who work as research assistants (RAs) for 20 hours per week on transportation research related to the Center’s theme. Students may be in any graduate program within UVM’s colleges or schools. In addition to $28,000 of direct (employment based) support, an additional $2,000 may be available to support the selected student’s research expenses including computer and other technology, data purchases, books, professional travel, conferences or registration fees. Most RAs are provided with office space at the Transportation Research Center. Students are expected to work 20 hours each week on their transportation-related research over the course of the 12 months. The TRC awards between five and ten GRAs each year. Starting in 2013 these GRAs will be directly recruited and sponsored by Faculty Associates of the TRC. If you are interested in learning more please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at the TRC.
Eligibility: Prior transportation-related experience is preferred but is not required. Strong academic credentials, prior work experience and volunteer activities related to transportation will all be considered in the application process. Students can be enrolled in any graduate program at UVM. Prior awards have been made to students in the following programs: Community Development and Applied Economics, Rubenstein School for Environment and Natural Resources, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. All interested students should plan to make transportation the core of their final graduate student thesis. In most cases, the student’s thesis should build on the research conducted during the research assistantship.

Applicants must be applying to and accepted into a UVM Graduate Program or currently enrolled in a UVM Graduate program. Applicants also must apply to the Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainable Transportation Systems and Planning. They must exhibit a strong professional and academic interest in the Transportation field, make the case of how it applies to their chosen program of study, and be nominated by a UVM faculty member. Acceptance to both a Graduate program and to the Graduate Certificate is required to be eligible for funding. Scholars must maintain full-time enrollment status to continue to receive Scholar support. Summer class enrollment is not necessary.


The TRC is funding 8 GRAs next year as follows (please contact the faculty directly for information):


Britt A. Holmén School of Engineering Evaluation of EPA’s Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES) model for tailpipe emissions from hybrid-electric vehicles
Lisa Aultman-Hall School of Engineering Seasonal Walking Behavior
Lisa Aultman-Hall School of Engineering Network Robustness
Chris Koliba /Asim Zia CDAE / MPA / CALS Transportation Infrastructure Governance
Brian Lee School of Engineering Bicycling and Traffic Controls: Assessing the effectiveness of various traffic controls recommended by the new NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide
Mandar Dewoolkar School of Engineering Prediction and Mitigation of Scour for Vermont Bridges
Robert Manning RSENR / Parks Study Lab Sustainable Transportation Planning for Rural, Recreational and Park Landscapes: Calibrating Levels of Service for Multiple Modes
Jane Kolodinsky CDAE / CALS Assessing Healthcare Access Among Vermont’s Rural Elderly

Eligible Outreach Work: The program will also consider applicants with a strong interest in transportation who bring skills and experience in program development, business and communications and wish to pursue applied project work on workforce development, education and policy directly with the TRC Outreach staff.

Level of Support: The UTC Scholar program provides students with annual support of $28,000. This is employment-based support (not a scholarship).

Tuition payment is the responsibility of the student. Students are responsible for the payment of in-state tuition and fees. If applicable, the out-of-state tuition differential, research credits, and a portion of the single student health insurance premium are provided by the Graduate College. For specific information on tuition rates and research credits see the UVM policy statement on “Tuition Scholarship for Research Credits or Continuous Registration Fee for Graduate Students funded on Research Grants and Contracts” along with the UVM Scholarship Application Form for Graduate Assistants.

Renewal of Support: Master degree students may apply for a second year of funding. Continued funding is not guaranteed and is based on successful progress in their first year (renewal request deadline is February 1, 2013). Doctoral students may be eligible to request additional years of support but this is not guaranteed and they should discuss this with their advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Program Requirements:

  • Recipients must be full-time graduate students at UVM.
  • Recipients will work 20 hours per week under the supervision of TRC staff or TRC-associated faculty.
  • Recipients must enroll and complete the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems beginning with TRC312 in the Fall semester.

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems

Students selected to receive UTC Scholar funding will have also been accepted into the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation Systems program . The expectation is that they will enroll in TRC312 in the Fall. During their first semester they will work with the Graduate Program Coordinator to design and submit a Certificate Program Plan to the Graduate College. Continued progress on the Certificate by taking at least one Certificate graduate course will be expected during the next Spring semester. Progress on the Certificate as well as positive performance on their direct research activities and scholarly pursuits will all be taken into consideration for their application to renew funding in a second year.


  • Participate in UVM Student Research Day & TRC Research Expo.
  • Attend and/or participate in TRC Research Roundtables and Brown Bags/Seminars.
  • Work with TRC staff to gather information on current research efforts, papers, and projects that graduate students are engaged in for outreach efforts and media releases.
  • Assist with graduate student recruiting by providing content for web pages and occasionally meeting with visiting prospective students.
  • Submit a brief report summarizing accomplishments supported by the assistantship two weeks prior to the expiration of the award period.
  • Design your thesis or final project as required by the degree program to include transportation themes and where possible specifically build on the research conducted as part of your research assistantship. Publishing and presenting in appropriate journals and conferences in an important outcome.

Glenn McRae, UVM TRC Graduate Program Coordinator

Farrell Hall 116


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