Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Directory

The Transportation Research Center is made up of a diverse group of professionals including faculty, staff, and students.

Associate Director

Glenn McRae Profile Picture Glenn McRae, Ph.D.
Associate Director
glenn.mcrae@uvm.edu | 802-656-1317


Lisa Aultman Hall Profile Picture Lisa Aultman-Hall, Ph.D.
Lisa.Aultman-Hall@uvm.edu | 802-656-1245
Brian H. Y. Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
bhylee@uvm.edu| 802-656-1306
Jarlath_Color Jarlath Oneil- Dunne
Director of Spatial Analysis Lab, Lecturer
Jarlath.ONeil-Dunne@uvm.edu | 802-656-9679
Blog: Letters from the SAL

Business Management

Jacob Leopold Jacob Leopold 
Business Manager
Jacob.Leopold@uvm.edu | 802-656-7722
laurie_eddy_profile Laurie Eddy
Program Support Coordinator | NETC Contact
laurie.eddy@uvm.edu | 802-656-3161

Researchers and Staff

jimsullivan_profile Jim Sullivan
Research Analyst
James.Sullivan@uvm.edu | 802-656-9679
Jonathon Dowds Jonathan Dowds
Research Specialist
jdowds@uvm.edu | 802-656-1433
Karen Sentoff Karen Sentoff
Research Specialist
ksentoff@uvm.edu | 802-656-5867
 Samantha Tilton Profile Picture Samantha Tilton
Research Specialist
Chester Harvey Staff Photo Chester Harvey
Research Specialist
Zack Borst Zack Borst
Outreach Professional
zborst@uvm.edu | 802-656-1233
Carol Vallett Profile Picture Carol Vallett, Ed.D
Evaluation Specialist 
Abby Mattera Profile Picture Abby Mattera
Outreach Professional, Clean Cities Coordinator
abby.mattera@uvm.edu | 802-656-9123


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