Tourism Travel Demand

Tourism Travel Demand Principal Investigator: Dr. Lisa Aultman-Hall Funding Agency: US DOT Project Summary In this project, Dr. Aultman-Hall will work with external collaborators to define a modeling framework for tourism travel and/or leisure demand. The goal is to have a framework appropriate for inclusion in a travel demand model … Continue reading

Can Eco-labeling Motorcoaches Encourage Greener Travel?

Can Eco-labeling Motorcoaches Encourage Greener Travel? Principal Investigator: Dr. Lisa C. Chase (VT Tourism Data Center) Co-Investigator: Dr. Chyi-Lyi (Kathleen) Liang (Community Development and Applied Economics) Funding Agency: US DOT Project Summary Dr. Lisa Chase of the Vermont Tourism Data Center, a research partner with the TRC, contends that with their … Continue reading

Driver Behavior

Driver Behavior Principal Investigator: James Sullivan Funding Agency: US DOT Project Summary In this project, we assess the benefits of reducing or eliminating idling by privately-owned vehicle (POVs) in Vermont by seeking data on the extent and seasonal variation of idling. The objectives of this project are to answer the … Continue reading