Aalto University Summer School – Day 1

We have two updates today from our two TRC researchers at the Aalto University Summer Transportation School.  Paola Rekalde Aizpuru and Phoebe Girouard Spencer arrived safely in Finland on Saturday and immediately began exploring the area around the University as well as the local transportation system.  Here is Phoebe’s first post regarding their arrival:

Paola and I arrived safely in Finland! We were on different flights, but met up in the Helsinki airport where we navigated the bus system to the downtown area. We are staying in a university housing flat, and will take transit to our classes each day. Our Finnish words of the day are “kiitos” (thanks) and “pysäkki” (bus stop). Check out my picture of the latter, attached. More updates to come.


Finland Transit Information Board

Information board for the Helsinki bus transit system.

Our second post today is from Paola and she discusses their first day of the summer school:

The first day of the summer school was really interesting. We learned about urban planning and transportation needs for future growing megacities (both in developing and developed countries) and we had a special talk on how transportation needs are addressed in Asian megacities. We also learned about freight transportation efficiency, in long distances as well as in urban scale, and about environmental perception and livable and equitable transportation oportunities.


The lecturers today were  David Banister (Oxford university, The UK), Helén Elvmarker (Volvo Group Trucks, Sweden), Shigeru Morichi (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies “GRIPS”, Tokyo, Japan) and Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University, Finland).


After the classes we had a venue hosted by a local engineering consulting firm (Ramboll), and we then went to visit some of the dowtown area of Helsinki.


Attached you can see some pictures of the bike parking at the university and the train station dowtown, as well as the actual train that we took from the venue to the city center!


We bought a week transit pass by the way!


Our finish words of the day are: lihapyörykkä (meatball) and opiskelija (student).


More updates to come tomorrow!



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