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The most important thing is to be creative. There are plenty or resources available on campus, online, and in the community. Look at examples of what others are doing. Get your message out there!

Guerilla Marketing:

Is "any number of unconventional methods of marketing with minimal resources for maximum results: any marketing campaign that uses non-mainstream tactics and locations" (

  • Chalking (need to fill out R25)
  • If you live in a residence hall, knock on your hall-mates' doors to get your message out. (See ResLife's Solicitation Policy)
  • Write on chalkboards
  • Hand out fliers
  • Partner with other groups
  • Talk to professors about making announcements in classes

Show these key events:

  • First Year Barbecue
    Register through Department of Student Life
  • Student Activities Fair
    When: First week of fall classes.
    Register through Student Life
  • Winter Activities Fair
    Organized by Student Activities Committee and takes place in late January or early February.
    Contact: Claire Chevrier

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