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There are tons of resources available online. You can sign up for listservs to more specifically target your audience. Online social networking sites are also becoming more and more popular and allow you to reach an even larger audience on and off- campus.

By now you are probably familiar with all of these sites, but think about how you can use them to help market your next event.

The Lynx

UVM's new club hub, the lynx is a great way to stay connected to your members and manage internal organizational stuff (like insurance forms).


Stuff to on & off campus
Visits: between 8/18 - 9/18 = 8,670
Number of people on the /Bored listserv: 2,700


Create a fan page and spread the word to members and beyond through the event feature or advertise your page.


Create your own or add the UVM channel

Vimeo is also a great video sharing spot. It makes it easy to embed files on your web site and share files with your friends.

Micro Blogs

Like Twitter, micro blogs are an easy way to share news and events or expand your network by following like-minded twitterers through the search feature.

Tip: Tweetdeck makes twitter management easy!

UVM Twitterers:
Local Twitterers:

Other helpful online tools:

Doodle for easy meeting scheduling:
Google calendars & documents for info sharing and management.

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Campus Media


Dropping off a poster to be read on-air, request an on-air interview, be featured on a news post on our website, have them DJ an event, and submit a PSA.

The Cynic

Cynic ads:
Cost: See rates

The Watertower

Cost: See Rates


Contact Person: Jeremy Baras ( or Anja Sturies (
Cost: See Rates

  1. UVMtv can create the commercial for you, for an extra fee, would combine working with me (Advertising exec) as well as a member of UVMtv creative department to successfully create a commercial based on the advertiser's concepts.
  2. The advertisee would provide us with a commercial, that we would air on our channels at designated times.
Ads air on up to 4 channels that reach all on campus students and on campus TV's.

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Local Media

Seven Days

Seven Days is distributed every Wednesday.
As long as events are open to the public, can send them to
Submissions due by the Thursday before the issue comes out.

Burlington Free Press

Advertising: Casey Clark:
Calendar: Send calendar and general press release info to
Deadline for print calendar is two weeks before the event.

UVM Communications

These folks can help you get the word out to local media.

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Press Releases

By Chris Evans; UVM Student Media Advisor

Writing a press release is not too different from writing any other document, but certain rules must be followed to ensure that you are including all the necessary information. In addition, it must be laid out in a manner that will not negatively affect the reader's interpretation.

What is my story?

In order to write a press release, you must determine the subject of your story. It can be about an event that affects your sorority or about a fraternity member who is doing something great. Whatever you choose to be your story, you must remember to cover the basics. Your press release must always tell who, what, where, when, why and how.

How is my story news?

A press release is not an advertisement: it's flattering news about your organization masquerading as news. As such, the primary purpose of your press release should be to deliver a newsworthy story about your company to the reader. As news, the release should focus on some problem that your group-or a member of it-has solved.

Writing a Press Release
  1. Open with a strong headline to grab the reader's attention. The headline along with your opening paragraph should tell a gripping story. This is essential to keeping the reader's interest as they read through the detail section of the release that follows.
  2. Stick to the facts. Make it interesting, but avoid embellishments. Also, when giving the details of your press release, be sure to illustrate the story to your reader. Use real-life examples that they will be able to relate to or visualize.
  3. Write to your audience. If writing for The Cynic, make the issue relevant to the UVM community, especially students. If writing for The Burlington Free-Press, make the issues relevant to Burlington residents. Keep in mind what's going on with social issues and current events and sculpt your press release accordingly. 4. Finally, be concise and grammatically correct. Avoid adding extra fluff words that distract from the true meaning of your press release. Don't include clichés and jargon that may not be understood by the general reader. (For example, write "fraternity member," not "brother." Make sure that you have permission to use any quotes or inside information. This will prevent there being any conflicts that may result in your press release being pulled. Be sure to check you release for punctuation and grammatical errors.

Take a look at the format of the attached release. Everything you see there - headline, contact information and all - should be in your press release, too.

News release format

Place organization's name and address at top (if not using letterhead)

  • "News Release" typed in big, bold letters (usually 24-point type)
  • Composition date
    (contact person, person's title, phone number, e-mail address)
  • Two inches between the headings and the headline
  • Headline in newspaper style (see SW page 34)
  • Headline in boldface
  • First word and names capitalized; all other words in lowercase
  • Text (body) of news release doublespaced
  • At end of release: -30- or ###
If the release is two pages:
  • -more- or -over- at the bottom of the first page
  • Condensed version of release's headline and the page number in the upper-right corner of the second page

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