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Outgoing Subawards

If a proposal involves collaboration with another institution, the relationship may require the issuance of a subaward (also called a subcontract) to that organization. In these cases, the UVM is considered the Prime organization. 

The UVM Principal Investigator must obtain from the subcontract organization a budget and statement of work to be included in the UVM proposal being submitted. The prime proposal usually includes a description of the role of the collaborators.

Is it a Subaward, a Supplier or a Consultant?

What is Needed at Time of Proposal Submission?

What Happens at the Time of Award?

Subawards to Foreign Institutions

Paying Subaward Invoices


For additional information on Issuing and Amending Outgoing Subawards, see the Issuing and Amending Outgoing Subaward Procedure.

Contact SPA - Issuing and Amending Outgoing Subawards

If you have any questions, please contact SPA's Outgoing Subward Specialist Molly Epstein.

Contact SPA - Outgoing Subward Invoice Processing

If you have any questions, please contact your assigned SPA Financial Analyst.

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