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UVM Sponsored Project Routing Packet

The SPA Research Administrator will start a Sponsored Project Routing Packet (excel workbook) for the proposal and will work closely with the Principal Investigator to gather the required information for each of the worksheets (tabs).  This is typically an iterative process, requiring some back and forth via email and phone discussion.  After the data is final and complete, SPA will convert the excel workbook to a single pdf document and will upload it to the InfoEd proposal record so that it will be available to department chairs and deans in the electronic routing process.

Sponsored Project Routing Packet

  • Routing Form Tab: This key document provides department chairs, deans and SPA with important information about proposal commitments.  

  • Budget Worksheet Tab: The Budget Worksheet shows personnel commitments, operating expenses, subcontracts, and F&A (indirect) costs.  If a proposal includes cost sharing, the cost share commitments will be included in a separate column with the department providing the cost share identified in the column heading.  SPA takes an active role in development of proposal budgets, which must be prepared consistently and in compliance with UVM, sponsor and federal policy requirements.  SPA works closely with Principal Investigators to develop the proposal budget. 

  • Chartstring Form Tab: This chartstring form is used for proposals that include cost sharing commitments in the budget. This form documents the specific chartstring source(s) of the cost share funds.

  • Direct Charge Form Tabs: The Direct Cost Justification Form is used to request permission to direct charge a cost that is typically considered an indirect cost and to document the unlike circumstances or extraordinary need of the project to incur this cost, required by the university's cost policy.  Please refer to Cost Policy on Sponsored Agreements for more information.  The tab called Typical Direct and F&A Cost List provides examples of typical direct and indirect costs

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