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Roles and Responsibilities

Department Chair

Please see the definition of key terms, such as review, approve, etc.

As a University official with managerial and fiscal responsibilities for a designated area, the Department Chair has supervisory responsibility over the individuals from the area he or she manages who are directly engaged in a sponsored project or provide its administrative support.

In this role, the Department Chair has the following specific responsibilities:

  • Reviews and approves proposals for submission, including budget and justification

  • Mentors faculty investigators

  • Approves unit cost sharing and matching from unit funds

  • Approves faculty effort on all sources of support

  • Manages workload plans for unit faculty (Note: In those cases where faculty have a nine- month appointment, grant-supported summer salary must be reflected in the workload plan)

  • Ensures research plan is consistent with unit strategic plan and the overall University mission

  • Provides unit oversight for compliance with regulatory research requirements

  • Ensures unit adherence to University policies and procedures

  • Reviews and approves proposals for effort allocation, space usage, quality, role of project as it relates to the department mission

  • Reviews and approves the use of departmental space

  • Approves pre-award arrangements and authorizes the use of unit funds for establishment of guaranteed funding accounts

  • Provides unit oversight for the assignment, hiring and appointment of individuals to the project

  • Provides unit oversight for compliance with effort reporting, reporting of program income and all other award terms and conditions

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