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Submit Proposal - Proposal Submission Process

This section is organized sequentially across the proposal submission process. Use the link to jump to the section you need below, or simply scroll down the page.

Submit Proposal - Additional Proposal Resources

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  • Characteristics of Sponsored Projects and Gifts
  • Core Research Facilities
  • Data Management Information
  • Department Administrator Toolkit
  • Forms Library
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
  • Grant Proposal Writing Resources
  • form data
  • Guidance for NIH Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) for SNAP awards
  • InfoEd System
  • InfoEd Departmental Contacts (Assigned Roles) pdf
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • UVM Core Research Facilities
  • UVM Fact Sheet

  • Contact SPA

    Every UVM department is supported by a designated team of SPA administrators who assist with development, approval and submission of grant proposals as well as with award management.

    Developing and submitting a grant proposal is a collaborative process involving the Principal Investigator, the department administrator and the Sponsored Project Administration Research Administrator assigned to the Principal Investigator's unit.

    SPA's goal is to make the proposal process as streamlined and efficient as possible. In order to allow for sufficient time for grant development and institutional review, SPA recommends that you contact the assigned Research Administrator at least four (4) weeks prior to the sponsor deadline to initiate the proposal process.

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    New Proposal Questionnaire

    Please complete and send the New Proposal Questionnaire (word) to SPA to begin the process. Do not worry if you don't yet know the answers to all these questions as SPA staff will work with you to complete the necessary information.

    Multiple Principal Investigator Leadership Plan

    All multi-PI proposals require a PI leadership plan, which, at a minimum, must address the following elements:

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    Project Personnel Roles

    Please see the Project Personnel Roles page for the definition of Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator.

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    Principal Investigator Eligibility

    In order to serve as Principal Investigator an individual must be a faculty member or professionally qualified staff with an FTE of 50% or more.

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    Sponsored Project Routing Packet

    The SPA Research Administrator will start a Sponsored Project Routing Packet (excel workbook) for the proposal and will work closely with the Principal Investigator to gather the required information for each of the three worksheets.

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    Budget Development Information

    SPA staff work closely with the Principal Investigator to develop the proposal budget in conformance with federal regulations governing sponsored project budgets.

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    UVM Core Research Facilities

    UVM's shared facilities and resources provide researchers with the sophisticated equipment and methodologies that help expand their work.

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    Subaward / Subcontract Requirements

    If a proposal involves collaboration with another institution, the relationship may require the issuance of a subaward (also called a subcontract) to that organization. In these cases, the UVM is considered the Prime organization. The UVM Principal Investigator must obtain a statement of work, budget justification and commitment form with audit certification from the subcontract organization.  The information will be included in the UVM proposal.  Read more for subrecipient forms and for how to distinguish between a subrecipient and a vendor.

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    Upload Proposal to InfoEd

    UVM uses the InfoEd Proposal Development (PD) system to electronically route proposals for internal approvals. SPA and the Principal Investigator work together to upload the proposal data and forms to InfoEd.

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    Principal Investigator Certification

    UVM requires the Principal Investigator certification for every proposal submission. The certification is provided by the Principal Investigator within the InfoEd electronic routing system when the proposal is submitted to the route.

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    Internal Submission Deadline - Five (5) Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline

    SPA has instituted an internal submission deadline designed to ensure that proposals can be fully reviewed, approved and submitted in time to meet the sponsor deadlines.

    • The route must be completed and the final version submitted to SPA five (5) business days ahead of the sponsor's deadline.
    • Since the electronic routing process can take a few days or more to complete, you'll need to start the routing process well in advance of the deadline.
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    Route for Internal for Approvals

    UVM uses the InfoEd Proposal Development (PD) system to electronically route proposals for internal approvals.

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    Department Chair and Dean Approval Process

    Department Chairs and Deans get notified via email to review and approve the proposal.

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    Submission to Sponsor

    Once SPA has completed its review and has obtained the UVM Authorized Institutional Approval, SPA will coordinate with the Principal Investigator (or the designated person) to submit the approved proposal to the sponsor in accordance with the sponsor's submission requirements.

    Proposal submission to the sponsor is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.

    Exceptions to this long standing policy are for those proposals for which the sponsor requires SPA to electronically submit the proposal via the sponsor's proposal submission mechanism.

    In these cases, SPA will contact the Principal Investigator one last time to get his/her confirmation that the proposal is final and complete and then SPA will electronically submit the  proposal to the sponsor.

    List of Sponsors with Electronic Submission Mechanisms

    Conflict of Interest Disclosures

    The UVM Policy on Related Significant Financial Interest in Research and Scholarly Activity requires all investigators to disclose whether or not they have related significant financial interests in sponsored project research. Disclosures must be updated annually or as new financial interests are obtained. For the purpose of this policy the term investigator refers to anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research, not just the Principal Investigator.

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    Compliance Reviews

    To be eligible for federal funds, UVM must comply with a myriad of federal regulations including those related to protection of human subjects, humane care and use of vertebrate animals, and special handling of biohazardous and radioactive materials. The regulations require review and monitoring of these regulated activities during the life of the project/protocol.

    • Human Subjects in Research
    • Use of Animals in Research
    • Recombinant DNA, Infectious Agents and Toxins
    • Hazardous Chemicals
    • Radioactive Substances

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    Post Submission - Proposal Tracking

    After a proposal is submitted to the sponsor, SPA establishes a "pending" proposal record in the InfoEd Proposal Tracking system. The proposal record is accessible to the Principal Investigator, the department business manager, the department chair and the dean, as well as the department business manager, chair and dean of each person listed on in the proposal budget.

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    Just in Time

    NIH Just in Time link

    The National Institutes of Health uses just-in-time procedures for certain programs and award mechanisms. These procedures call for limited information (e.g., a budget justification and a biographical sketch) to be submitted with investigator-initiated applications and allow for a possible NIH request for additional information, including information concerning other support, when the application is under consideration for funding.

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    Award Process

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    Find out more about our Grant Life Cycle

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