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Financial Management Tools and Reports

Basic Financial Reports Mini-Manual

Perform on a monthly basis

  • Run the Project Monthly Budget Report for all departmental grants
  • Monitor for overdrawn or over encumbered projects
  • Review expenses for allowability
  • Provide Principal Investigator with copy of reports
  • Review and resolve all budget checking errors
    • Use either the Closeout Report or query "UV_GM_KK_ERRORS_ALL" (financial module)
  • Review and submit all journal entries awaiting submission or posting
    • Use either Closeout Report or query "UV_RC_GL_JE_NOT_SUBMITTED" (financial module)

Perform on a quarterly basis

  • Run the Closeout Report for all departmental grants
  • Ensure that personnel are not distribted past end date of grant
    • Use query "UV_DIST_PAST_PROJECT_END_DATE (HR module)
  • Compare committed effort to actual effort
    • For both Principal Investigator and Key Personnel
    • Ensure no reductions of greater than 25%
  • Meet with Principal Investigator to review grant budget status, effort and upcoming quarter plans
  • Make prospective distribution changes as necessary
  • Ensure that cost share commitments are met (including third party cost sharing)

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