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Contacts by Department - updated May 31, 2016

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Dept ID Department Name SPA Research Administrator SPA Financial Analyst
10000 President's Office Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10040 Chief Diversity Office Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10050 Women's Center Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10060 Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity
Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10070 Diversity & Equity Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10080 LGBTQA Services Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10090 ALANA Student Center Julie Macy Kim Dutton
10400 University Relations Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11000 VP Finance Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11002 Staff Council Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11010 Enterprise Business Intelligence Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11100 Capital Planning & Mgmt Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11102 Facilities Design and Construction Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11104 Campus Planning Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11110 Offfice of Sustainability Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11200 Controllers Office Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11250 Student Financial Svcs Julie Macy Tam Truong
11310 Employee Assistance Program Julie Macy Tam Truong
11320 HRS Learning Services Julie Macy Tam Truong
11500 Administrative & Facilities Services Julie Macy Tam Truong
11501 AFS Information Systems Julie Macy Tam Truong
11508 Custodial Services Julie Macy Tam Truong
11510 Physical Plant Julie Macy Tam Truong
11560 AFS Auxiliary Srcs Julie Macy Tam Truong
11570 Conference & Event Services Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
11575 Police Services Julie Macy Kim Dutton
11585 UVM Bookstore Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
11590 Davis Center Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
11700 Physical Plant Department Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
20001 Administrative Business Service Center Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
30000 Senior VP & Provost Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30010 EPSCoR Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
30012 Vermont Genetics Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30014 Transportation Research Center Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
30016 Writing in the Disciplines Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
30017 CUPS Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
30018 Center on Aging Julie Macy Tam Truong
30019 Integrated Biology Karin Bourassa Tam Truong
30100 Cultural Pluralism Julie Macy Tam Truong
30111 MultiCultural Affairs Julie Macy Tam Truong
30200 Admissions Julie Macy Tam Truong
20310 VP for Enrollment Management Julie Macy Tam Truong
30230 Living and Learning Center Julie Macy Tam Truong
30231 Residential Learning Community Julie Macy Tam Truong
30240 International Educational Services Julie Macy Tam Truong
30400 Dean of Students Julie Macy Tam Truong
30410 Student and Community Relations Julie Macy Tam Truong
30420 Academic Success Programs Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30454 Student Life Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
30600 VP Research Office Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30612 Sponsored Project Administration Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
30620 Radiation Safety Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
30630 Office of Technology Commercialization Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
30640 Animal Care Management Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30650 IMF / TSP Julie Macy Kim Dutton
30660 VT Advanced Computing Center Julie Macy Kim Dutton
31100Fleming MuseumJulie MacyLinda Serrantonio
50000 Director Extension Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50020 Ext - State Office Staff Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50026 Ext - Sustainable Agriculture Center Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50040 Ext - Program & Faculty Support Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50041Ext - Migrant EducationJoshua TyackTam Truong
50042 Ext - Operations & Staff Sup Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50050 Ext - Statewide 4-H Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50052 Ext - Expanded Food and Nutrition Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50056 Ext - SARE Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
50100 Continuing Ed - Administration Julie Macy Kim Dutton
50102 Continuing Ed - Operations Julie Macy Kim Dutton
50104 Continuing Ed - Technology Julie Macy Kim Dutton
50106 Continuing Ed - Program and Enrollment Julie Macy Kim Dutton
50108 Lane Series Julie Macy Kim Dutton
51000 CALS Dean's Office Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51010 Regulatory Lab Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51020 Animal Science Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51030 Plant Biology Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51040 Com Dev & Applied Economics Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51050 Center for Rural Studies Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51060 Plant & Animal Biology Facility Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51070 Plant & Soil Science Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51080 Nutrition & Food Sciences Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
51090 Microbio & Molec Genetics CALS Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
52000 A&S Dean' s Ofc Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52010 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52020 Anthropology Julie Macy Tam Truong
52030 Global and Regional Studies Julie Macy Tam Truong
52040 Art Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52050 Asian Studies Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52060 Biology Karin Bourassa Tam Truong
52070 Canadian Studies Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52080 Center for Research on Vermont Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52090 Chemistry Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52100 Classics Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52110 College Computing Svcs Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52120 Communication Sciences and Disorders Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
52130 Consulting Archaeology Program Jeri Anderson Tam Truong
52140 Economics Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52150 English Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52160 Geography Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52170 Geology Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52180 German & Russian Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52190 Historic Preservation Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52200 History Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52210 Miller Center for Holocaust Studies Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52220 Humanities Center Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52230 John Dewey Honors Program Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52240 Language Resource Center Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52250 Music & Dance Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52260 Philosophy Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52270 Physics Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
52280 Political Science Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52290 Psychological Science Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
52300 Religion Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52310 Romance Languages & Linguistics Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52320 Sociology Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52330 Theatre Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52340 Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
52350 Asian Languages & Literature Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
53000 CESS Dean's Office Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
53010 Education Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
53020 Leadership and Developmental Sciences Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
53030 Ctr on Disability & Community Inclusion Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
53040 CESS Student Services Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
53050 Social Work Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
54000 CEM Dean's Ofc Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
54002 CEM Student Services Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
54004 CEM Computer Facility Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
54005 School of Engineering Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
54040 Mathematics & Statistics Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
54050 Computer Science Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55000 COM Office of the Dean Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55001 COM Executive Office Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55002 COM Operations Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55004 COM Finance and HR Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55006 COM Information Systems Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55008 COM Admissions Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55010 COM Student Affairs Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55012 COM Public Relations Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55014 COM Devel and Alumni Rel Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55016 COM Office of Clinical Trials Research Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
55018 COM General Clinical Research Center Julie Macy Tam Truong
55020 COM Ofc of Clinical and Translational Science Karin Bourassa Tam Truong
55022 COM Office of Primary Care Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55024 COM Office of of Med Ed Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55028 COM Educational Tools Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55032 COM Med AV Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55034 COM General Julie Macy Kim Dutton
55050 Medical Photography Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
55060 Vermont Cancer Center Karin Bourassa Linda Serrantonio
55070 Office of Health Promotion Research Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55080 Medical Biostatistics Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
55090 Continuing Med Education Julie Macy Linda Serrantonio
55110 Biochemistry Karin Bourassa Linda Serrantonio
55120 Microbio & Molec Genetics COM Joshua Tyack Sue Lalumiere
55130 Pharmacology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55140 Molecular Physlgy & Biophysics Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewartv
55500 Anesthesiology Julie Macy Tam Truong
55510 Family Medicine Julie Macy Tam Truong
55520 Medicine Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55522 Med-Dept Admin Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55524 Med-Cardiology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55526 Med-Clin Pharmacology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55528 Med-Dermatology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55530 Med-Endocrinology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55532 Med-Geriontology Geriatrics Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55534 Med-Gastroenterology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55536 Med-Gen Internal Med Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55538 Med-Hematology Oncology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55540 Med-Infectious Disease Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55542 Med-Immunobiology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55544 Med-Nephrology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55546 Med-Pulmonary Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55550 Med-Rheumatology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55552 Med-Vascular Biology Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55554 Med-General Julie Macy Sue Lalumiere
55610 Obstetrics & Gynecology Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55612 ObGyn-General Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55614 ObGyn-Gynecologics Oncology Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55616 ObGyn-Maternal Fetal Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55618 ObGyn-Reprod Endocrinology Karin Bourassa Kim Dutton
55640 Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
55650 Pathology Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
55652 Pathology - Anatomic Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
55654 Pathology - Clinical Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
55656 Pathology - General Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
55700 Pediatrics Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55702 Pediatrics-General Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55704 Pediatrics-Allergy Immunology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55706 Pediatrics-Cardiology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55708 Pediatrics-Endocrinology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55710 Pediatrics-Gastroenterology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55712 Pediatrics-Genetics Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55714 Pediatrics-Hematology Oncology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55716 Pediatrics-Infectious Disease Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55718 Pediatrics-Neonatology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55720 Pediatrics-Nephrology Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55722 Pediatrics-Pulmonary Karin Bourassa Tiffany Stewart
55750 Psychiatry Karin Bourassa Tam Truong
55760 Radiology Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
55762 Radiation - Oncology Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
55770 Surgery Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55772 Surgery-General Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55774 Surgery-Emergency Med Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55776 Surgery-Neurosurgery Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55778 Surgery-Opthamology Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55780 Surgery-Otolaryngology Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55782 Surgery-Pediatric Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55784 Surgery-Plastic Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55786 Surgery-Thoracic Cardiovascular Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55788 Surgery-Transplant Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55790 Surgery-Urology Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55792 Surgery-Vascular Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55794 Surgery-Oncology Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55796 Surgery-Trauma Karin Bourassa Sue Lalumiere
55800 Neurological Sciences Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
56000 CNHS Dean's Office Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
56002 CNHS Student Services Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
56010 Nursing Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
56020 Rehab & Movement Sciences Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
56030 Medical Lab & Radiation Science Joshua Tyack Tam Truong
57000 RSENR Dean's Office Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
57060 Environmental Program Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
57080 Gund Institute Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58000 Sch of Business Administration Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58100 Honors College Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart
58200 Graduate College Julie Macy Kim Dutton
58300 Libraries - Deans Office Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58310 Univ Web Development Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58312 Ctr for Teaching & Learning Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58314 Learning and Info Tech Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58316 Academic Computing Joshua Tyack Tiffany Stewart
58320 Bailey Howe-Access & Tech Svcs Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58322 Bailey Howe-Info & Instruction Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58324 Bailey Howe-Rsrch Collections Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58326 Bailey Howe-Collection Mgmnt Services Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58327 Bailey Howe - Resources Desc Services Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58328 Bailey Howe Library Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58330 Dana Medical Library Joshua Tyack Kim Dutton
58400 Distance Education Julie Macy Tiffany Stewart

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