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award acceptance

Award Acceptance, Set up and Outgoing Subaward Management

Award Acceptance specialists reviews and negotiates about 800 agreements each year that provide sponsored project funding to UVM faculty and staff. The review and negotiation processes ensure that the interests of the PI, the University, and the State are all adequately protected and that the legal obligations of the agreement do not conflict with the University’s research mission or its policies. Typical areas for negotiation include intellectual property rights, indemnification, mitigation of publication restrictions, ownership of data, and terms of payment. Terms could involve Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs clauses) or may be written from scratch and customized to the sponsoring agency’s interests. The set-up function is primarily responsible for the review and set-up of all awards made to the University. The setup of a research award is a high profile, outward facing, linchpin process in the award lifecycle. There are several key stakeholders, including academic and department leadership, principal investigators (PIs), and local research administrative support. It is the responsibility of this team to assist these stakeholders in navigating this complex process. On a high level, the team is responsible for ensuring the investigator and institution are in compliance with University, State, Federal and sponsor regulations/policies prior to set-up. When the appropriate requirements for the work being performed and all necessary compliance approvals are in place, this team establishes the accounting controls in PeopleSoft. In FY 2017, the team processed the set-up of over 467 new awards and 340 award modifications.

This team also oversees the preparation of outgoing sub-award agreements (primary responsibility resides with Outgoing Subaward Specialist) and non-monetary agreements related to research. In FY 2017, the team prepared, negotiated and issued 207 subawards.

 The team members work closely with the Research Finance and Reporting and Sponsored Revenue and Cash Management team members to ensure that contracts and agreements are processed in an efficient manner, including reviewing pre-proposal terms and facilitating communication of key terms to the rest of SPA. In addition, team members work with Financial Research and Reporting team to provide assurance that implemented financial terms are appropriate for our institution.

Specific Functions and Responsibilities

  • Review and negotiation of agreements for compliance with UVM policies, state and federal regulations, including:
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Review and mitigation of publication restrictions
  • Indemnification and insurance requirements
  • Ownership of research data
  • Payment and invoicing requirements
  • Use of sensitive or classified data
  • Prohibitions on PI's activities
  • Compliance review for awarded projects in order to ensure each meets UVM policies, state and federal regulations
  • RB (Human), IACUC (Animal), other
  • Cost Sharing
  • Outside Activities Reporting & Financial Conflict of Interest
  • PI Status
  • Coordination with Technology Transfer on issues of IP rights, licensing arrangements, etc.
  • Close coordination with University Legal Counsel on unusual contract requirements
  • Ongoing conversations with PI’s, departmental and college/school administrators on terms
  • Fiscal review of awarded projects to ensure cost sharing, fringe benefits, and F&A costs are appropriate
  • Coordinate with the researcher, departmental, and divisional staff to review awarded budgets. Assist in determining if proposed amounts differ; if so by what amount. Gather revised budgets to match the award and ensure that the revised plan meets sponsor, University, and project needs
  • Communication of award receipt and basic award requirements (reporting requirements, budgetary terms) to PIs and departmental administrators

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