IGERT Smart Grid



Christopher Clement

Natural Resources

Advisers: Jon Erickson, Asim Zia
BS: Environmental Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2002
MEM: Sustainable Urban and Industrial Systems, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, 2008
MBA: Economics and Finance, Yale School of Management, 2008
Outside of academia, Christopher is a passionate outdoorsman, an enthusiastic chef, an avid reader of anything metaphysical, a formerly fanatical basketball player, and an ambling sustainable living practitioner.

Emily Cody


Adviser: Chris Danforth
BA: Mathematics, Boston University, 2010
MA: Mathematics, Boston University, 2011
Emily’s interests outside of academia include long distance running and running marathons, playing rugby, snowboarding in the winter, and she loves and collects giraffes.

Dan Fredman

Natural Resources

Adviser: Chris Koliba, Walter Poleman
BA: Psychology, University of Vermont, 2003
MUPP: Urban Planning & Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2009
Outside academia, Dan’s interests include sustainable urbanism, graphic design, active transportation, futurism, and any excuse to get out into the surrounding natural environment.

Thomas McAndrew

Mathematical Sciences

Adviser: Chris Danforth
BS: Biomathematics, University of Scranton, 2009
MS: Biostatistics, Georgetown University, 2010
Tom’s interests outside of academia include, making coffee and espresso, playing banjo and guitar, hiking and swimming.

Curtis Saunders

Mechanical Engineering

Adviser: Jeff Marshall
BS: Engineering, Bucknell University, 2010
MS: Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012
Curtis’ interests outside of academia include woodworking, Civil War and World War II living history, and working on and driving his 1914 Ford Model T touring car.

Mark Wagy

Computer Science

Adviser: Josh Bongard
BA: Physics and Mathematics, Lewis & Clark College, 2000
MA: Music Technology, University of Limerick, 2004
BS: Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 2012
Mark’s interests outside of academia include composition, painting, foraging and cooking.

Cathleen Balantic

Natural Resources

Advisers: Terri Donovan, Jed Murdoch, Allan Strong
BS: Ecology & Society, Cornell University, 2009
MES: Natural Resource Management, Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Outside of academia, Cathleen enjoys playing guitar and piano, distance running on road and trail, doodling, creative writing, and spending time in the woods.

Katherine Aho

Mechanical Engineering

Adviser: Jeff Marshall
BS: Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2012
MS: Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2014
Katherine’s interests outside of academia include skiing and hiking, reading, and playing tabletop games.


Natalie Babij


BA: Mathematics, Dartmouth College, 2005
MS: Atmospheric Science, University at Albany (SUNY), 2010
Outside of academia, Natalie enjoys playing bluegrass mandolin, hiking, skiing, biking, and watching the weather.

Ben LeBlanc

Civil Engineering-Structural

Adviser: Dr. Hernandez



Combined Plan Program, St. Lawrence University- Math & Physics, 2013

Columbia University- Mechanical Engineering, 2014


Interests: Ben is an avid long distance runner in any distance from half marathons to ultramarathons.  He also likes to hike and is an Adirondack 46′er.



Pooya Rezaei

Electrical Engineering

Adviser: Paul Hines
BA: Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2008
MA: Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2010
Pooya’s interests outside of academia include reading, cooking and watching movies.
Webpage: http://www.uvm.edu/~prezaei/

Goodarz Ghanavati

Electrical Engineering (Power systems)

Adviser: Paul Hines
BS: Electrical Engineering, Tehran polytechnic, 2005
MS: Electrical Engineering, Tehran polytechnic, 2008
Goodarz’s interests outside of academia include hiking, traveling, reading, and biking.

Melissa Faletra

Mechanical Engineering (MS)

Adviser: Jeff Marshall
BS: Mechanical Engineering, University of Vermont, 2012
Melissa’s interests outside of academia include hiking, running, skiing, biking, and crafting.

MS ME 2014

Kelsey Linnell

Mathematics (MS)

BA: Mathematics and Anthropology, Bowdoin College, 2014
Outside of academia, Kelsey is super excited about sustainable living, growing and raising her own food, baking, soap making, and basking in nature.