Pierson library and Falls Rd
The Pierson library building was built sometime between 1816, when the land was first purchased, and 1837, when the Methodist Church bought it to serve as a Parsonage. Dedicated as the Pierson library in 1911, the two wings visible in the modern image were added in 1925. The building now serves as a gallery for the Shelburne Craft School, and the Pierson library now resides near the Town Offices.

The junction between Rt. 7 and Falls Rd has been rebuilt several times to accomodate changes in vehicle technology. In the horse and early car years, Falls Rd split around a granite-sided median before joining Rt. 7 in two different spots. As cars became more prevalent, this median was elimated and the road straightened to meet Harbor Rd head-on and provide a safer junction fo modern traffic.The original road would have run right through the black box and tree visible in the modern image.