Paired Historic/Modern photography
One of the best ways to document and study landscape changes over time is to compare historic photographs to their modern equivalent. This page presents a series of paired photos (original/reshot) from around Shelburne, depicting various types of human influence and landscape change over time. Clicking on the thumbnailed images to the left will load a page presented the paired photos for that site, along with location information, photo description, and analysis of landscape changes.

Taking modern reshots of historic photographs requires patience and not a little art. Finding the site of the original can be tough; once there, the photographer tries to orient the shot so that it provides the most accurate recreation possible. While most pairs match up well and can easily be analyzed, some locations have changed dramatically due to factors such as development and reforestation, and it can be more difficult to (1) recreate the shot, and (2) identify common features and changes. Most paired photos on this site speak for themselves, but a few have additional diagrams or images to assist in their interpretation.

Information about photos in this section was taken from several publications, which can be found at the Pierson Library and the Shelburne Town Offices:

• The History of Shelburne, 1963 (Shelburne Museum)
• Look Around St. George and Shelburne, Vermont, 1975 (Chittenden County Historical Society)
• Shelburne: Pieces of History, 1994 (Truman Webster)