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Eric was the primary researcher and web developer for this project. He was a graduate student at UVM in the departments of Geology and Education from 2001-2004, pursuing various research projects in geoscience education. For more about his work and interests, visit his personal web site (link at left).

Eric has a B.S. in geology from Beloit College (WI) and graduated from UVM in May 2004 with a Master of Arts, Teaching degree (concentration in Geology).

UVM Geology
Contains information about the academic, research, and outreach programs in the department.
VT Landscape Change Project
Home of the VLCP, featuring searchable archive of historic photography and analysis of landscape changes over time.
Questions about this site or Shelburne may be directed to
Shelburne Farms
Once the vast estate of Dr. William Seward Webb, Shelburne Farms is still an active farm that preserves the expansive and ornate buildings of the Webb era while educating visitors about history and agriculture.
Paul was the advisor and guiding force behind this and other similar projects. He is a faculty member in the Geology Department at UVM, where his research interests include geomorphology (the study of how the earth's surface forms and changes over geologic time) and human interactions with the natural landscape. In addition, Paul is very involved with geoscience education, building links between geology and the greater community.
Shelburne Museum
A large museum presenting an eclectic mix of Vermont history and Americana, from preserved structures to toys and artifacts.
P.L.A.C.E. program
General questions about these projects may be directed to
A joint project between UVM and Shelburne Farms, the PLACE program focuses on specific towns around Vermont and works with residents to develop interpretive materials and talks presenting the cultural and natural history of the town.
Other Important Contributors
Town of Shelburne
Official town website, including background information, services, and contacts.
Jens was the Project Coordinator for the Vermont Landscape Change Project in 2003-2004. He was instrumental in the implementation of Landscape Change curriculum at the Shelburne Community School, and offered a great deal of support in the development of this site.
SLCP - Other Resources
The following sources were of great use in developing this project and web site:
Jens Hilke
Shelburne: Pieces of History (1994) by Truman Webster
Robin and Jeff teach Science and Social Studies at the Shelburne Community School. They worked closely with Jens and Eric to get their students involved in studying Shelburne history through the LCP, and were a vital resource for this project. Their students' work from ''03-'04 can be seen on the student sites. Look Around St. George & Shelburne, VT (1975), Shelburne Historical Society
The History of Shelburne (1963), Shelburne Museum
Wetland, Woodland, Wildland (2000), by Elizabeth Thompson and Eric Sorenson
Robin Halnon/Jeff Hindes