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Start a Club

Follow this step-by-step guide and contact the SGA Office with questions and when you have all of the materials prepared to proceed with the recognition process.

Complete a Recognition Packet

  1. Create a mission statement and purpose statement for your organization. The mission statement should be 1 to 3 sentences on the main focus of the organization. The purpose statement should be 4 to 8 sentences on what you plan to do as an SGA recognized organization.
  2. Create a membership list that includes all members of your organization. The membership list should include the names, class year, and e-mail addresses of all members of the organization. To be considered for recognition each organization must have 8 members in addition to a president and treasurer. Holding interest meetings is a great way to recruit members for your upcoming organization. Check out the Org Consitution Guidelines for more Info on what this should look like.
  3. Create a constitution for your organization. The constitution will be the backbone of your organization, and should include information on how the organization will run, the duties of the officers, and more. It should be a document that is longlasting (and therefore should not include information about upcoming events, etc. but should be more of an outline on how the organization will run now and into the future).
  4. Create an officer's list that names and explains each of the officer positions and who currently holds each of them. This is important because different organizations may have different officers. Although all organizations are required to have a president and a treasurer, additional officer positions are often created to suite the special needs of specific organizations.
  5. Create a schedule of events, activities, and meetings. This list should be tentative, but it should give the Student Activities Committee a sense of what you are planning to do.
  6. Contact the Club Affiars Committee Chair to set up an intial meeting about your interest in becoming a SGA Recognized club. You can either contact the committe4e chair by email or visiting our desk during office hours in the SGA office on the thrid floor of the Davis Center.
  7. Go to an initial meeting. Here you will meet your assigned senator who will guide you through the club recognition process.  In this meeting they would like to know more about your club and how it will contribute to the culture, social, educational, or recreational welfare of UVM.  You senator will also provide you with the first step in the process of becoming a SGA recognized club.
  8. All UVM Codes of Conduct will be followed by student groups.

Complete Risk Assessment

  1. All organizations must complete an online Risk Assessment Form that automatically gets submitted to the UVM Department of Risk Management. Once a club has submitted the Risk Assessment Form the club should send a notification to the current chair of the Student Activities Committee. Organizations will not be able to be brought forth for recognition without the approval of their activities by Risk Management.
  2. Once your packet is complete you will need to contact the chair of the Club Affairs Committee to set up an interview with the committee (up to 9 people) so that they can discuss recognition with you and answer any questions that you may have. Recognition is often an ongoing process and this meeting will likely be one of many until it is agreed that your organization should be brought forth in front of Senate for recognition.

    *Club sports must also contact Leon Lifschutz, Club Sports Coordinator, to set up a meeting to discuss issues that only pertain to club sports.

Get Senate Recognition

  1. To become an SGA-recognized organization, a simple majority of the Senate has to vote in favor of your recognition. When it is decided that your organization is ready to be brought forth in front of Senate, you will be presented with the backing of the committee.
  2. You will be asked to come to an SGA Meeting and present your case (preferably by means of a PowerPoint presentation). Your presentation should include (but not be limited to):
    • Coverpage with club name.
    • Mission/purpose statement.
    • Events and activities in which your organization iwll take the lead or participate.
    • Why you want to be recognized. 
    • Whether your organization will be requiring any funding (when you do become eligible for funds after your first year as an organization) and how you plan on fundraising.  

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. The Club Affairs Committee can be a useful tool in the recognition process and can meet with you at anytime during the process to facilitate and help you get through the recognition packet.
  2. All SGA-recognized organization must contribute to the cultural, social, educational, or recreational welfare of its membership and support purpose of the Student Government as set forth in the SGA Constitution.
  3. All members of SGA-recognized organizations must be full-time UVM undergraduate students.
  4. All SGA-recognized organizations must abide by the SGA Code of Conduct.
  5. All SGA-recognized organizations shall hold officer elections for the following fall semester by April 1.
  6. All SGA-recognized organizations must understand that the SGA holds the right to sanction organizations that do not abide by the SGA constitution and code of conduct.

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