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Address:  311 Aiken Center, University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405

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Eastern Illinois University , Botany & Zoology with Teacherís Certification, B. S.  1984.

Eastern Illinois University , Environmental Biology.  M.S.  1986.

University of Missouri-Columbia, Biological Sciences, Ph.D.  1990-1994. 



Assistant Unit Leader, U.S.G.S. Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Vermont.  2000-present.

Research Associate Professor, University of Vermont, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.  2000-present.  

Assistant Professor, State University of New York , College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse , NY.  1996 - 2000.

Post-doctoral Fellow, Ecologist, North Central Forest Experiment Station, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO. 1994 - 96.


 Recent Publications:

Smith, K.W., W. S. Keeton, T. M. Donovan, and B. Mitchell.   2008.  Stand-level forest structure in avian habitat: scale dependencies in predicting occurrences in a heterogeneous forest.  Forest Science 54:36-46.

Duerr, A., D. E. Capen , and T. M. Donovan.  Wildlife management increases breeding dispersal in double-crested cormorants.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71:2565-2574.

Bonter, D. N., T. M. Donovan, and E. W. Brooks.  2007.  Daily mass changes in landbirds during migration stopover on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Auk 124-122-133.

Noa, L., D. H. Hirth, T. M. Donovan, and D. Cimprich.  2007. Demographic differences of black-capped vireos in two habitat types in central Texas. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1042-1049.

Long, R. A., T. M. Donovan, P. MacKay, W. J. Zielinski, and J. S. Buzas.  2007.  Effectiveness of scat detection dogs for detecting forest carnivores.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71:2007-2017.

Long, R. A., T. M. Donovan, P. MacKay, W. J. Zielinski, and J. S. Buzas.  2007. Comparing scat detection dogs, cameras, and hair snares for surveying carnivores.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71:2018-2025.


Selected Publications:


Watrous, K. S., T. M. Donovan, R. Mickey, S. R. Darling, A. Hicks, and S. Von Oettengen.  2006.  Predicting and mapping the minimum habitat requirements of the Indiana Bat in the Champlain Valley .  Journal of Wildlife Management 70:1228:1237.

Perlut N. G., A. M. Strong, T. M. Donovan, N. J. Buckley.  2006.  Grassland songbirds in a dynamic management landscape:  behavioral responses and management strategies.  Ecological Applications 16:2235-2247.

McKenny, H., W. S. Keeton, and T. M. Donovan.  2006.  The effects of structure-based forestry on red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus) populations in northern hardwood forests.  Forest Ecology and Management 230:186-196.

Donovan, T. M., J. Buzas, P. W. Jones, H. L. Gibbs. 2006.  Tracking dispersal in birds:  assessing the potential of elemental markers.  Auk 123:1-12.

Winter, Maiken, Douglas H. Johnson, Jill A. Shaffer, Therese M. Donovan, and W. Daniel Svedarsky.  2006.  How consistent are the effects of patch size and landscape composition on density and nest success of grassland birds.  Journal of Wildlife Management 70:158-172.

Winter, M., J. A. Shaffer, D. H. Johnson, T. M. Donovan, W. D. Svedarsky, P.W. Jones, and B. R. Euliss.  2005.  Habitat and nesting of LeConte's Sparrows in the northern tallgrass prairie.  Journal of Field Ornithology 76:61-71.

Driscoll, M. L, T. M. Donovan, R. Mickey, A. Howard, and K. Fleming.  2005.  Determinants of Wood Thrush nesting success: a multi-scale, model selection approach.  Journal of Wildlife Management 69:699-708.

Troy, A., A. Strong, S. Bosworth, T. M. Donovan, and N. J. Buckley.  2005.  Attitudes of dairy farmers regarding adoption of management practices for grassland songbirds. Wildlife Society Bulletin 33:528-538.

Driscoll, M. L., and T. M. Donovan.  2004.  Landscape context moderates edge effects: nesting success of Wood Thrushes in central New York.  Conservation Biology 18:1712-1717.

Thompson, F. R. III, T. M. Donovan, R. DeGraaf, J. Faaborg, and S. K. Robinson.  2002 A multi-scale perspective of the effects of forest fragmentation on birds in eastern forests.  Studies in Avian Biology 25:8-19.

Donovan, T. M., C. Beardmore, D. Bonter, J. Brawn, J. A. Fitzgerald, R. Ford, S. Geautreax, L. George, C. Hunter, T. E. Martin, J. Price, K. Rosenberg, P. Vickery, T. Bentley Wigley.  (The Partners in Flight Research Working Group).  2002.  Priority research needs for conservation of Neotropical migrants.  Journal of Field Ornithology 73:329-338.

Donovan, T. M., and C. Flather.  2002.  Relationships between North American songbird trends, habitat fragmentation, and landscape occupancy.  Ecological Applications. 12:364-374.

Donovan, T. M., and F. R. Thompson, III.  2001.  Modeling the ecological trap hypothesis:  A landscape and sensitivity analysis for a migrant songbird.  Ecological Applications 11:871-882.

Donovan, T. M, and R. H. Lamberson.  2001.  Area-sensitive distribution patterns can counteract the negative effects of habitat fragmentation on breeding birds.  Ecology 82:1170-1179.

Hall, C. A. S., P. W. Jones, T. M. Donovan, and J. P. Gibbs.  2000.  Neoclassical economics and its effects on wildlife and wildlife management. The Wildlife Society Bulletin 28:16-25.

Howell, C. A., S. C. Latta, T. M. Donovan, P. A. Porneluzi, and J. Faaborg.  2000.  Landscape effects mediate breeding bird abundance in midwestern forests.  Landscape Ecology 15:547-563.

Donovan, T. M., F. R. Thompson III, and J. Faaborg.  2000.  Cowbird distribution at different scales of fragmentation:  Tradeoffs between breeding and feeding opportunities.  Pages 255-264 In Ecology and management of cowbirds (T. Cooke, S. K. Robinson, S. I. Rothstein, S. G. Sealy, J. N. M. Smith, eds.).  University of Texas Press, Austin , TX .

Thompson, F. R. III, S. K. Robinson, T. M. Donovan, J. Faaborg, and D. Whitehead.  2000.  Biogeographic, landscape, and local factors affecting cowbird abundance and host parasitism levels.  Pages 271-279 In Ecology and management of cowbirds (T. Cooke, S. K. Robinson, S. I. Rothstein, S. G. Sealy, J. N. M. Smith, eds.).  University of Texas Press, Austin , TX .

Donovan, T. M., P. W. Jones, E. M. Annand, and F. R. Thompson III.  1997. Variation in local-scale edge effects:  Mechanisms and landscape context.  Ecology 78:2064-2075.

Robinson, S. K., F. R. Thompson III, T. M. Donovan, D. R. Whitehead, and J. Faaborg.  1995.  Regional forest fragmentation and the nesting success of migratory birds.  Science  267:1987-1990.

Donovan, T. M., F. R. Thompson III, J. Faaborg, and J. Probst.  1995.  Reproductive success of migratory birds in habitat sources and sinks.  Conservation Biology 9:1380-1395.

Donovan, T. M., R. H. Lamberson, A. Kimber, F. R. Thompson III, and J. Faaborg.  1995.  Modeling the effects of habitat fragmentation on source and sink demography of Neotropical migrant birds.  Conservation Biology 9:1396-1407.

Van Horn, M. A., and T. M. Donovan.  1994.  Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapillus).  In The Birds of North America , No. 88 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.).  Philadelphia :  The Academy of Natural Sciences ; Washington D.C. :  The American Ornithologistsí Union.


Courses Taught:

Population Dynamics and Modeling

Occupancy Modeling and Estimation (web-based course)

Estimating and Monitoring Abundance (web-based course)

Conservation Biology.

Integrative Conservation Monitoring (travel course)


Current Students and Post-Docs:

Mark Freeman

Scott Schwenk

Hanem Aboulezz


Former Students:


Kristen Watrous

Robert Long

Kerri Cornell

Adam Duerr

Noah Perlut

David Bonter

Melanie Driscoll

Jim Goetz

Rafael Herrera-Herrera

Dan Wells


Professional Affiliations:  

The Wildlife Society

Society for Conservation Biology

Ecological Society of America

American Ornithologists Union


Synergistic Activities:

Director of the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Spreadsheet Project

Associate Editor, Conservation Biology (since 2001).

Mountain Bird Working Group - Northeast Coordinated Monitoring Partnership.




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