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The University of Vermont Catamount Recovery Program (CRP)

Who We Are

In 2010 the University of Vermont’s Catamount Recovery Program was founded to address the unique needs of students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. At that time, the resources for recovering college students were extremely limited. An interdisciplinary group of UVM staff worked to develop a program they believed would support students in recovery; it was based on the importance of providing the following:
  • A supportive environment/community within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to disengage from addictive behaviors;
  • Educational opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other;
  • Accountability for recovering students that comes from self, peers, and higher education staff;
  • A normative college experience for individuals in recovery apart from the culture of drinking/use that is present on today’s campuses
The CRP has evolved to include a required one credit course taken the first two semesters at UVM, discussion and therapy groups dedicated to recovery, opportunities for academic support, service work, graduation support, weekly community meals, attendance in recovery support meetings, participation in CRP social and activistic work, a CRP Facebook Community, optional recovery-based housing, and available recovery-based counseling.
The CRP has a Director and a Coordinator, as well as counseling staff available for CRP members, but the community of CRP students are the most valued members of the team.  Each CRP member is asked to be supportive of the ideals of the community and each member’s commitment to sobriety.

UVM's Catamount Recovery Program is founded upon five pillars we believe provide a strong foundation for recovery support on a college campus.  These pillars are: Recovery, Community, Academics, Service, and Advocacy.  Each student is asked to consider these five pillars in building their recovery action plan.

What We Do

  • Affirm UVM’s commitment to providing a high-quality liberal arts education for students with diverse backgrounds and experiences such as students in recovery.
  • Provide the opportunity for community and support to students in recovery who are willing and able to progress toward an academic degree.


The CRP is located in the Dudley H. Davis Student Center, out of the Center for Health & Wellbeing's Living Well Office.  Programs, meetings, classes, and social opportunities are scheduled in this space throughout the week for CRP students.  Housing for first and second year CRP students is provided at the Cottages on Trinity Campus.  The Cottages are co-ed, have in-house kitchens, and are located near several dining facilities and the McAuley Fitness Center.

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