University of Vermont

Recovery Program @ UVM

Welcome to the Catamount Recovery Program at the University of Vermont!

Congratulations on taking your first step in maintaining your recovery and completing your college degree.   The Catamount Recovery Program at the University of Vermont values you as an individual, and knows how hard you have worked to get to this point.  We are interested in supporting you in this next leg of your journey. 

Everything you need should be available via this website, but please feel free to contact us for additional information: or 802.656.0236.

Apply today via our application form (complete, print and mail to Catamount Recovery Program (CRP) Living Well, 590 Main Street, 112 Davis Center, Burlington, VT 05405).


Amy Boyd Austin MSS
Director, Catamount Recovery Program


CRP Student Testimonials

“The CRP offers fellowship outside of conventional 12-step meetings, and the community consists of other students in recovery that I can relate to. Without this experience, I may not have been so optimistic about sobriety in college.” 

“The CRP lunches are always a highlight for my week! I always look forward to eating and hanging out with my friends who truly can relate to my experiences.”

“The CRP has significantly broadened my recovery community on campus and provided me with amazing support that have gotten me through difficult time being a college student in recovery.”

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