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By Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
University of Vermont

Not too long ago, the only decoration that adorned most Vermonters' doors was the traditional balsam holiday wreath. It made a brief appearance just before Christmas and was gone with the start of the new year. Today door decorations are popular year-round to bring in a new season, celebrate a holiday, or simply to welcome visitors.

An appropriate decoration for this, and any, time of year is a straw or grape vine wreath. These may be purchased at many craft and hobby shops along with the necessary trimmings to personalize your door decoration.

You can wrap the wreath with ribbon, covering the entire surface, or loosely wrap it, leaving sections exposed. Although brown, yellow, and orange are the colors generally associated with autumn, don't be afraid to brighten up your creation with a cluster of artificial fruit or a beautiful bow.

If you dried flowers from your garden this year, or can buy some, why not make a bouquet for your front door. Use florist's wire to add a few pine cones and seed pods, and finish off the arrangement with an over-sized bow. Another alternative is to fill a cornucopia with dried flowers and herbs.

An easy decoration to make for your door is a spray of decorative greens. Use one large, nicely-shaped branch or two or three smaller ones, wired together. Add a small branch, wired in the opposite direction, to add greenery at the top.

Again, use your imagination for the final touches. Pine cones, berry clusters, fresh or artificial fruits, or gourds are all good choices. Decorate with toy horns, bells or candy canes for Christmas, then change to bows and a cluster of snowballs or silver stars for the remainder of the winter.

To welcome in spring, consider a shallow basket woven of vines and decorated with mosses and silk or dried flowers. In summer hang an arrangement of fresh flowers in a funnel-shaped vase. A tin cone designed for cemetery flowers is ideal for this. Use florist's foam to keep flowers and greens fresh.

The possibilities for year-round door decor are limited only by your imagination. So, why not say welcome with an attractive door display this season and every season throughout the year.

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