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Faculty - Dennis Clougherty

Dennis Clougherty

Dennis Clougherty, Professor

Area of expertise

Theoretical condensed matter physics

Contact Information
Office: Rm. W307 - STEM Discovery Building
Phone: 802.656.0063
Webpages: Dennis Clougherty

Office Hours: W 1-3 and by appointment

Dr. Clougherty's research is concerned with several topics in theoretical condensed matter physics, including high Tc superconductivity, magnetism, quantum sticking, density functional theory, the properties of fullerenes and nanotubes and Berry-phase effects in condensed matter systems.

Dr. Clougherty received his S.B. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, his S.M. degree in Electrical Engineering, and his Ph.D. degree in Physics from M.I.T. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California-Santa Barbara. He has had visiting appointments at M.I.T., University of California-San Diego, Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, California.