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Physics Colloquium

2015-2016 Schedule

Fall 2015
Aug 25Naveen Rawat, Department of Physics, Materials Science Program
Exchange Mechanisms in Macroscopically Ordered Organic Magnetic Semiconductors
Sep 2Dr. Joel Weisberg, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Carleton College
What's Time to an Alien?
Sep 16Professor Matthew White, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Perovskite Solar Cells: Is there a PV Revolution in Progress?
Sep 23Professor Vanessa Sih, Department of Physics, University of Michigan
Ultrafast Optical Measurements of Spin Polarization in Semiconductors
Sep 30Dr., Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Physics around Pulsars: A Fast Spinning, Highly-Magnetized Conducting Sphere
Oct 14Professor Bernd Rosenow, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leipzig University
Exotic Particles in Two Dimensions: Interferometry with Anyons
Oct 21Professor Johannes Hachmann, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University at Buffalo
Rational Materials Design via Machine Learning
Oct 28Professor John Thompson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Maine
Physics Education Research and Its Role in Instructional Reform
Nov 18Professor Lori Goldner, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dec 9Professor Cheng Chin, Department of Physics, The University of Chicago

2014-2015 Schedule

Spring 2015
Jan 15Dr. Matthew S. White, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Johannes Kepler University
Thin-Film Organic and Hybrid Optoelectronics
Jan 21
Dr. Peng Wei, Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quasiparticle Properties in Tailored Heterostructures
Jan 29Dr. Seohyoung Chang, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
In Situ X-Ray Studies of Functional Oxides for Energy Systems
Feb 4
Dr. Divine Kumah, Department of Applied Physics, Yale University
Atomic-Scale Engineering of the Electronic and Orbital Properties of Complex Oxides
Feb 10Physics Colloquium
Feb 18Dr. Johannes Pollanen, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, California Institute of Technology
Engineering Quantum Matter: From Superfluids to Low-Dimensional Electrons
Mar 26Daniel Burrill, Materials Science Program, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Density Functional Theory Study of CuPc Chains Diluted with H2PC
Mar 27Owen Myers, Materials Science Program, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Long-Range Interacting Particles in a Spatiotemporally Periodic Potential
Apr 8Professor John O'Meara, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Saint Michael's College
The Ultimate Space Opera: The First Quarter Century of the Hubble Space Telescope
Apr 29Joshuah T. Heath, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Pressure-Energy Relation in Canonical 2D Dipolar Bosons: A Path Integral Monte Carlo Study
May 1Kyle W. Robertson, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Path Integral Monte Carlo Absorption Studies of Superfluid Helium-4 Mesoporous Silicates

Fall  2014

Aug 27Peter Harnish, Materials Science Program, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Electron Correlation Effects in Strained Dual-Layer Graphene System
Aug 29Max Graves, Materials Science Program, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Coupling and Proximity Effects in Superfluid Helium-4
Sept 24Professor Maxim Olshanni (Olchanyi), University of Massachusetts, Boston
Traces of Integrability in Relaxation of One-Dimensional Two-Mass Mixtures
Oct 8Dr. Philipp Strack, Harvard University/University of Cologne
Interacting and Emergent Photons In Quantum Optics and Condensed Matter
Oct 15   Dr. Giti Khodaparast, Department of Physics, Virginia Tech
Coherent and Ultrafast Optical Phenomena in Condensed Matter
Oct 22 Professor Massimo Boninsegni, University of Alberta
Enhanced Superfluid Response of Parahydrogen in Nanoscale Confinement
Oct 29 Professor Richard Watts, Department of Radiology, University of Vermont
Where's the Physics in Medicine?
Nov 12 Professor Dennis Clougherty, Department of Physics, University of Vermont
Quantum of Surprise
Nov 17Lane Manning, Department of Physics, Materials Science Program, University of Vermont
Thesis Proposal: Exploration of Excitonic States in Mixed Organic and Organo-Metallic Semiconducting Thin Films
Dec 10Dr. Keola Wierschem, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University
Numerical Studies of Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnetism
Summer 2014
Jul 31REU 2014 Summer Program on Complex Materials
Agenda TBA

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