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Department of Physics

Careers in Physics

The undergraduate physics program at the University of Vermont gives students a deep foundation of knowledge and problem-solving ability on which they can build a variety of careers. The department prides itself particularly on the quality of its teaching while also maintaining a vigorous set of research programs.

Although many of our graduates continue their careers in physics or astronomy, a degree in physics also offers preparation for careers in such areas as industrial research and development, engineering, environmental sciences, medical physics, geophysics, oceanography, computer science, and energy resource management. It is also an ideal preparation for entering professional schools such as medicine, law, teaching, engineering, or business management.

Reflecting the diversity of careers available to our students, the department offers two options (B.A. and B.S.) for the major in physics. In addition, the department offers a minor concentration in physics or astronomy, which is an excellent complement to degrees in engineering, related sciences, or other fields.

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