University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Physics

Typical Bachelor of Science in Physics Course Scheduling

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
MATH 021 MATH 022 MATH 121 MATH 271/230 PHYS 201 PHYS 202 PHYS 273 PHYS 265/elective
CHEM 031 CHEM 032 PHYS 128/130 PHYS 211 PHYS 213 PHYS 214/274 PHYS elective PHYS 214/274
PHYS 051 PHYS 152 CS 021 PHYS elective MATH 272/124 PHYS 265/elective PHYS elective  


  1. Open spaces in schedule are reserved to satisfy University and College requirements.
  2. The Bachelor of Arts schedule is the same but does not require PHYS 202, 214, 265 and CS 021. In addition, only three physics electives and one MATH course beyond 121 are required for the B.A.

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