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Faculty Development

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CUPS works primarily as a faculty development office, under the Office of the Provost. We provide consultation, resources, and training for all faculty members, as well as teaching assistants in SL courses. On this page you can learn about our workshops and Faculty Fellows program, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for individual conversation about what might work best in your particular course or department. 

Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning

Since 1999, CUPS has trained more than 200 faculty members in service-learning pedagogy and related community engagement. Currently, our Fellows program runs from December to May, with monthly meetings. Faculty dive into the practice and pedagogy of service-learning, read and critically reflect on SL resources, and complete the Fellows training having developed an SL course (or course component) with peer support and direct mentoring.

•      Faculty Fellows Training Outline & Readings, Spring '17
•      List of all Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning, 2000-2017

Faculty Workshops

We offer workshops for faculty, both beginning and advanced, as well as for departments and other acadmeic units. We are happy to tailor a workshop to a group's needs, and will also gladly do visits and in-course workshops once a course is established. (Learn more about our in-course supports).

Among the workshops we offer are:

  • SL Basics
  • Critical Reflection
  • Approaches to Service-Learning
  • Building Effective, Reciprocal Community Partnerships
  • Community-Based Research & Engaged Teaching
  • Service-Learning & Sustainability (SL/SU Courses)


Our work is to support faculty; we can meet individually at your convenience. We are happy to come talk in departmental meetings about our offerings, at length or in brief.


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