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UVM Receives Community Engagement Certification from the Carnegie Foundation

The classification certifies that UVM has a significant and institutionalized local, national and global commitment to community engagement through reciprocal partnerships that benefit both community partners and the faculty, students and staff at the university.

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Growing Connections to Vermont's Migrant Community

In Spanish 101: Composition and Conversation, senior lecturer Rachael Montesano gives her students the opportunity to see life through the eyes of someone coming from a different culture. Sometimes it means making them a little uncomfortable.

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UVM Service-Learning Experience Starts a Career Path

During his service-learning experience at UVM, McKelvie developed skills to help him later on with tutoring and teaching. “I learned how to encourage independence in students—to teach through a process, not just give them the answer.”

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Service-Learning: Teaching the Teacher

The determination of a single student to become an accomplished reader was one of Jessica O’Brien ’14’s most rewarding memories as a tutor at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington.  It also helped inspire her to become a teacher.

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Fleming class


Art, Anthro Team Up to Teach Students Museum Work Skills

On a Sunday in November, half a dozen students, guided by an expert in the field of costume installation, are at work in the basement of the Fleming Museum. Their task sounds simple: put clothes on a dress form, make a hat look as it would if someone were wearing it. But how do you accomplish this when the clothing size doesn’t ...

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LANDS students


Living on the LANDS Semester

UVM’s new LANDS Program Field Semester is the only program of its kind in the United States. Similar to a study abroad program — but staying on campus — 15 undergraduate students signed on as the first team in the spring of 2014. Then they worked — full-time, all fall — on field-based alternatives to traditional classes ...

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