Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Awareness Program

Application – Spring 2013


                  This month-long program will focus on traveling safely and having fun in the winter backcountry on skis (telemark, alpine or AT) or snowboard (split-board) while exploring prime backcountry areas of Vermont and the Presidential Range in NH. Traveling in terrain where avalanche danger exists requires disciplined personal preparation, group expedition planning, diverse skiing and riding skills, and sound avalanche and terrain assessment ability. This program will cover basic safety skills to prepare you to travel in the winter backcountry in all of its rugged beauty.

                  The program will consist of six in-class sessions and three weekend practical trips. The first weekend will involve two local backcountry trips with an overnight at the Outing Club Cabin, the second weekend will be an AIARE Level 1 Avalanche certification course and the third will be an overnight in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Due to an earlier trip to Mount Washington than in previous years, the AIARE 1 or previous avalanche travel education will be highly recommended for the program. Participants willing to commit to the AIARE course will receive priority on their applications.


Program Requirements:


Program Fee:

$175 per student covers the sweet textbook, food, transportation, gear rentals, professional guiding and instruction. The AIARE Level 1 Avalanche course is an additional $225. It is strongly recommended that you take the AIARE class as it is scheduled as a part of the class and is an integral part of the curriculum. 


Class Meeting Dates:

Thursdays Jan 31, Feb 7, 21, 28

(Meetings are held at 7 in Old Mills Annex A207)


Weekend Dates:

Feb 2nd and 3rd

Feb 22-24


AIARE Level 1: 

Classroom sessions: 5:30-9:30pm Thurs and Fri Feb 14th and 15th (Location: TBD)

Weekend practical: Sat and Sun Feb. 16th and 17th



Guide: Steve Charest

Student Instructors: Cyril Brunner, Elliott Casper




Due: Monday, January 28th by 4pm

Return to: The OC house or via email (



NAME: __________________YEAR: _____________________________

MAJOR: ____________________________________________________

CELL PHONE #: _______________E-MAIL: _______________________

LOCAL ADRESS: ____________________________________________    

Do you intent to take the AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course? _________

Have you applied to BSAAP before (YES / NO) if so, when? __________

Are you applying for ICE SMAC or WILD (YES / NO), if so, which?______________

If yes, and you get in, which would you choose? _____________


Please answer these questions on a separate page:

1.    Describe your skiing/riding ability. Please discuss your history from first learning to present. Include where you have skied and any backcountry experience.

2.    Briefly discuss a recent best day of skiing or riding.

3.    What is your backcountry camping experience? Any winter travel experience? (None required)

4.    What are 3 qualities that you look for in a leader or hope to bring to your future Outing Club trips?

5.    What do you hope to gain from this program?

6.    Have you participated in any Outing Club trips or events in the past? If so, what trips/when?

7.    Should you be stranded on a desert island, naked along with a large cardboard package containing two objects, what (aside from a stuffed sheep) would you want those two objects to be? Why?

8.    Do you intend on leading Outing Club trips upon completion of BSAAP?

9.    Please draw an abstract interpretation of yourself.  Colors are required


The following questions are to help instructors prepare for the course. Your acceptance will not depend upon your answers, unless youÕre a snowlerblader:

Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies (veg, vegan, GF, peanuts, ect), if so please list? __________________________________________________________________

Intended Sliding Technique for BSAAP (please circle): 

Alpine Ski              Telemark Ski             Snowboard/Splitboard             Snowblade

Do you have a seasons pass? Which pass? ­­__________________________

Do you own any backcountry travel equipment? (climbing skins, AT bindings, Alpine Trekkers, splitboard, approach skis) Please specify: _______________________________________________________________

While all gear rentals are included in the cost of the course, an additional opportunity exists to rent Black Diamond ski gear from Petra Cliffs at a cost of $150 for the three weekend practicals.  Would you be interested in this additional rental (this doesnÕt commit you to anything)? 

YUP                   NAH DUDE

If you do not own climbing skins, please indicate the dimensions and length of your skis: Length: ___________ Dimensions: _______________



We would love to accept all applicants to the program, and show everyone what New England backcountry has to offer. However, over the past few years BSAAP has become more competitive and the class size is limited to 7 participants. We work hard to pick qualified applicants, however that does not mean the people we do not choose are unqualified. It does mean that if you are accepted, we expect a full commitment for all weeknight classes and weekend trips, as others would be happy to make the commitment. Thanks for applying and being psyched to get out in the backcountry!


- Cyril Brunner and Elliott Casper