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Oakledge Park History Site
Oakledge Park, located along the shore of Lake Champlain just south of Burlington, VT, has a long and fascinating history that was virtually unknown to the general public until recently. This site explores Oakledge's past through historic resources such as images, brochures, text, and maps, as well as comparison with the property today.
About Oakledge:
General info about the park and this project: directions, history, people involved, etc.
Historic Photographs
Archive of images from Oakledge's history. Browse thumbnails of people, scenery, and more.
Resort Brochures
Brochures from the resort years offer fascinating glimpses into Oakledge's past.
Historic image of South Cove
Textual History
Personal accounts, letters, and other documents provide more details about Oakledge history.
Oakledge today
Maps and photographs linking the past with the present: what does it look like today?
Modern image of South Cove
This project was funded by the Linthilhac Foundation of Shelburne, VT. For more information contact Paul Bierman or Eric Butler (see About Oakledge for details)

See seven signs interpreting Oakledge Park history created by high school students in the Governor's Institutes of Vermont.