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Now go wireless without the Cisco VPN

Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) is making available a new, secure wireless computer network for on-campus users. This new network employs technology that will allow the vast majority of the UVM community to connect from on-campus locations through the wireless ("Wi-Fi") system without using the Cisco VPN Client.  The new system uses the previously-installed Wi-Fi access points and campus authentication system, but it makes connecting to the system  more convenient and will reduce ongoing support costs.

The name of the new wireless network is simply "UVM", and it is visible now to your mobile Wi-Fi device -- laptop, iPod Touch, iPhone, etc.  ETS expects it to become the preferred wireless network, replacing "Cat's PAWS" for most campus users. Your wireless-capable device should detect the new network almost anywhere you are currently using Cat's PAWS.  Notable exceptions are Rowell and Aiken, but work is underway to upgrade Aiken over the summer.

Joining "UVM" will require a few minutes to set up, but you only need to configure each device once. After that, your laptop or handheld should automatically sign onto "UVM" when selected.  If you have not changed your campus Network-ID password since May, 2008, you must do so, on the Account Management web page, in order to use this system.

For more information, including step-by-step setup instructions, please visit the ETS wireless website.

This new network improves convenience while continuing to offer high levels of security. Please send your feedback about this or any of ETS's services to For help, please contact the ETS Help Line at 656-2604 or online

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