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Do Not Reply to "Attention University of Vermont E-mail Account Holders" Phishing Scam

Email with a Subject of "Attention University of Vermont E-mail Account Holders:‏" is a phishing scam -- an attempt to steal your UVM credentials (your Net-ID and password).   Please do not click on the link in the message, and don't reply to it; simply delete the email.  

Any email that asks you to reply your UVM password is a phishing scam. Do  not click links in such messages, and do not reply.  UVM will never, ever, ask you to send your password via email.  

What to do if you've replied to the message

If you've replied to this email or one like it, you should change your password immediately at Contact the UVM Computing Helpline if you need assistance changing your password.

For more information about phishing scams, view our Web page on protecting your NetID and password

If you are ever uncertain about the legitimacy of an email message concerning your account, please contact the Computing Help Line at 656-2604, or submit a help request online.

If you would like to report phishing, please forward the phishing email, as an attachment, to and to (To forward a message as an attachment using Thunderbird, go to the Message menu and select Forward As > Attachment.)

The "Attention University of Vermont E-mail Account Holders:‏" Phishing Scam

This old-style phishing scam asks for passwords to be sent by replying to the email. 

From: [] On Behalf Of The University of Vermont
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:16 AM
Subject: Attention University of Vermont E-mail Account Holders:
Attention University of Vermont E-mail Account Holders:
The University of Vermont Internet Web-mail User. All mail hub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance, and access to your mailbox via our mail portal will be unavailable for some time during this maintenance period. You are required to provide your username and password to upgrade to the new 2000 MB of web space, or your account will be deleted from our database within the next 48 hours, failing to respond to this message.
We are on 2014 Last services maintenance upgrade, to a Fast Broadband Connection on our database and e-mail account center for better online services. We are also deleting all unused e-mail accounts to create more web space for new accounts, in order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions or possible deactivation of your e-mail account, Please you must reply to this mail immediately confirming your e-mail account details below for identification.
1. First Name & Last:  
2. Full Login Email:  
3. Username:  
4. Password:  
5. Current Password:  
Ensure every detail requested above is provided correctly upon receipt of this notification to enable the upgrade maintenance of your Web mail box. Incomplete details and wrong passwords forwarded will result in suspicious suspension or closure of your account.
Failure to do this may automatically render your Vermont Web-mail account deactivated from our e-mail data base mail server. To enable us upgrade your e-mail account, please do reply to this message mail.
The University of Vermont Information Technology & Internet Service Provider.





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