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Shorter URLs: go.uvm.edu

Communication and publishing of UVM websites just got easier with the introduction of go.uvm.edu, a URL shortening service specifically for links to uvm.edu web pages.

Similar to third-party solutions like TinyURL and bitly, go.uvm.edu offers the ability to take long, complex URLs — common to websites utilizing advanced features, such as those included with the UVM Web Template — and create alternative links of fewer characters, such as transforming this article's URL of:


to the more manageable:


Links created by go.uvm.edu are automatically generated, and since go.uvm.edu can only be used to shorten links to uvm.edu, viewers can click with confidence that a go.uvm.edu URL will take them to a real UVM website and not be redirected to advertisements, viruses or other malware. Shortened go.uvm.edu links can also report their web traffic statistics, such as number of hits and viewer sources.

Whether sending an email, sharing via Twitter or other social media, creating a QR Code or printing a URL on a flyer or poster, go.uvm.edu makes it easy to create, share and track the usage of shortened links to UVM websites.


THIS JUST IN (2 October, 2013): Adding a tilde (~) to the end of your shortened URL will cause the user to make a quick stop by a small page on go.uvm.edu which explains where they’ll be taken. This nicely addresses the apparent hypocrisy inherent in this article. Try it for yourself by visiting UVM’s IT security site using these two links:

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