Red Rocks Park:

From Top to Bottom


For the past week, a group of thirteen students got together and studied the environment of Red Rocks Park in South Burlington, VT. These students, along with three GIV staff members/science experts, spent two and a half days in the park studying its many aspects. The group looked at everything from the bedrock of the park to its history. In their studies, the students hoped to discover hidden information about the park as well as looking for trends or patterns in the environment. After these two and a half days of field studies and data gathering, the students analyzed their information in search of trends and conclusions.

A blow up of Red Rocks Park and its location in the Burlington Area

In order to study specific areas of interest more completely, the students broke themselves into five smaller groups, each one focusing on one aspect of the park. The information from these specific groups is available through the links provided below.

Soil Study

History of the Park

Lichen Study

Tree Study

Utility Shananagans




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