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Eric Holt-Giménez


UVM Summit Addresses World Hunger, Justice and Environmental Sustainability

This year’s annual UVM Food Systems Summit took a broad look at what presenters view as a worldwide crisis: one billion people undernourished, an energy-dependent food system that relies on non-renewable energy sources, a dangerous lack of biodiversity, tropical forests in Indonesia cleared for palm oil plantations, releasing ...

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Bad weather bypass trail sign


First-in-Nation State Climate Assessment Released by Vermont

Fewer days for making maple syrup. Twenty-five years with more snow for skiing. Summer heat stress for dairy cows. These are a few of the forecasts from the Vermont Climate Assessment, the nation's first comprehensive state-level climate assessment, released on June 10.

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school lunch plate


The Science of School Lunch

In terms of ambience, Charlotte Central’s cafeteria is -- well, conjure up your own elementary school lunch experience. There’s more than one reason to run to recess. But on a recent visit to observe a group of researchers from UVM’s Johnson Lab, the lunch ladies were serving up something more likely to be found on a ...

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