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Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet with poutine


Poutine: From Rags to Riches

Poutine—that unpretentious Quebecois dish originally made of fries, cheese curds and brown gravy—has always been part of my food identity… for better or worse. What people often do not realize about poutine is how its social status has not always been so high, and that the dish has actually been used as a way to mock Quebec society.

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Florence Becot and David Conner


The Numbers Are In

The importance of buying local food receives a lot of lip service among proponents of sustainable food systems, but what value does buying locally actually provide to local economies? And how can an institution know whether their purchases of local food are really helping local farms and communities? That’s the question Diane Imrie, director of Nutrition Services at University of Vermont Medical Center, wanted to answer about the hospital’s local food procurement program.

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Food Systems Faculty Profile: Mark Budolfson

Mark Budolfson is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy.

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