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Welcome to Vermont's Online Direct Market Pricing Project

Linking Pricing and Profitability

Our goal is to help farmers share information about what they charge at direct markets (farmstands, farmers' markets, etc) for these products, in order to set prices that are fair to consumers while supporting farm profitability.

We invite all commercial growers who sell at direct markets in Vermont to report prices. Use the "create new account" link on the right to get started. Then, follow directions to submit your first price report. When you return, log on (at right) with your username and password, and you'll be able use the prices you submitted last time to start your next report. If your prices haven't changed, simply resubmit the form. Or just edit the prices that have changed, and hit submit. It's that quick and easy.

All your reports will be saved -- and password protected so only you can access them -- so you will have a record to refer to any time you like. Your prices will remain confidential. Only aggregated data -- showing average, median, high and low prices for each crop -- will be shared publicly.

The email call for submitting prices will coincide with the email call for "Reports from the Field" for the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Newsletter, approximately every two weeks during the growing season. The results will be compiled and posted at Vermont Direct Market Price Reports page.

Keep in mind that not everything everybody sells can be listed here. Nor do you have to report on every crop you sell. If reporting prices for all of your crops even once seems overwhelming, we’d love it if you would report for just a few of your most important crops. Even entering prices for three or four crops twice a month would help create useful data about pricing trends around the state. If enough people participate, we'll be able to report data by county  to get a better picture of price variations around the state.

We welcome your suggestions for improvement about the way products and prices are listed. Please send your feedback to