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The FarmLASTS Project Online Manual
Farm Land Access, Succession, Tenure and Stewardship

The Farm LASTS Project Online Manual

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The future of U.S. agriculture depends on the ability of new generations to establish successful farms and ranches. One of the biggest challenges to entry is gaining access to affordable and secure land. At the same time, older farm operators face unprecedented complexities as they prepare to exit farming. An estimated 70 percent of U.S. farmland will change hands in the next twenty years. This includes land owned by farmers as well as non-farming landlords who rent to farm operators.

About FarmLASTS

To explore and address concerns of FarmLand Access, Succession, Tenure and Stewardship, FarmLASTS, a national multi-year project was initiated in 2007. Under the direction of Ms. Kathy Ruhf, Land For Good, and Dr. Robert Parsons, University of Vermont, three national teams were created to focus research, curriculum development, and/or outreach efforts in three areas:

  • Farmland access and tenure for farm entrants.
  • Farm succession challenges for exiting farm operators.
  • The impacts of tenure and succession arrangements on land use and the environment.

Using this Online Manual

This online manual is the culmination of FarmLASTS project results. The manual includes:

I. About FarmLASTS, a description of the project;

II. Research Reports and Recommendations;

III. Agricultural Land Tenure Curriculum;

IV. Proceedings from Changing Lands, Changing Hands, a national conference conducted in 2009;

V. Project Executive Summary; and

VI. Project Partners.

As an additional result of the project, the video case study below was created.

This project was supported by USDA CSREES through a National Research Initiative grant #2007-02807 to the University of Vermont.

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