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Expecting the unexpected

Are you prepared to weather an emergency? Disaster preparedness is everyone's responsibility and it's never too early to plan ahead. Find out more >>

Disaster & Emergency Education

Is your family, farm, business or community prepared for an emergency? As disaster experts and survivors know, preparation BEFORE an emergency is the best way to reduce the impact AFTER it occurs.

From winter storms, fires, floods, drought, hurricanes or tornadoes to biological and chemical threats - hazards from both natural and human activity are real possibilities in Vermont.

We have compiled resources on this site to help you become informed, get involved, plan, prepare and recover should disaster strike.

extension disaster education network

UVM Extension is an active member of EDEN (the Extension Disaster Education Network) linking Extension educators across the U.S., enabling them to use and share resources, and reducing the impact of disasters. From your home to your community, EDEN has resources you can use. Learn More >>

Vermonters have a long history of independence, community spirit and resilience. Individuals and communities that prepare for disaster are more able to recover and thrive after the event. Be safe, and be ready to expect the unexpected.

Satellite image credit: NOAA-NASA GOES Project.