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Is Downy Mildew a problem?
We have been receiving inquiries as to Downy Mildew diagnosis and management techniques. Our Downy Mildew fact sheet has quite a bit of information that can be helpful so we have posted it here for your easy access.

2013 Organic Hop Variety Trial: Results from Year Three
Check out our report on the 2013 Organic Hop Variety Trial: Results from Year Three. (pdf)

2014 5th Annual Hops Conference
This successful conference was held on February 27, 2014 at The Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, VT. Go to our Events webpage to access a video of the presentations.

Hops Quality Analysis

We want to thank everyone for supporting the UVM Hop Quality Testing Laboratory! We have received many samples over the last few weeks and have noticed that many are above the recommended 8 – 10% moisture for storage. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to process and analyze hop samples that exceed these moisture levels. Please make sure all samples sent are dried properly and are not more than 8-10% moisture as we will not be able to conduct the testing.

At this time, we have one test available for Brewing Values (BV’s) which determines Alpha acids, Beta acids and Hop Storage Index (HSI). Click here for the Hops Analysis Submission Form to submit a sample.

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