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2014 Organic Hop Variety Trial: Results from Year Four

As mentioned at the 2015 Hop Conference by Steve Polewacyk from Vermont Pub and Brewery, you can access the Hop Evaluation Excel sheet here.

2013 Organic Hop Variety Trial: Results from Year Three
Check out our report on the 2013 Organic Hop Variety Trial: Results from Year Three. (pdf)

2014 Hop Research Reports
  • 2014 Hops Weed Management Trial (pdf)
  • Hops Quality Analysis

    We want to thank everyone for supporting the UVM Hop Quality Testing Laboratory! We have received many samples over the last few weeks and have noticed that many are above the recommended 8 – 10% moisture for storage. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to process and analyze hop samples that exceed these moisture levels. Please make sure all samples sent are dried properly and are not more than 8-10% moisture as we will not be able to conduct the testing.

    At this time, we have one test available for Brewing Values (BV’s) which determines Alpha acids, Beta acids and Hop Storage Index (HSI). Click here for the Hops Analysis Submission Form to submit a sample.

    Our Hops Project

    Hop production was common throughout the Northeast in the 1800s. However, today most hop production occurs in the Pacific Northwest. Renewed interest and demand for local hops is breathing new life into an otherwise “historical” crop. To increase hops production in the Northeast, the UVM Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Team is developing an outreach and applied research program for hops. Public interest in sourcing local foods also extends into beverages, and craft brewing is on the rise in conjunction with the expanding market. The Northeast Hop Alliance, in association with Cornell University, conducted a survey in 2002 which reported that the majority of breweries would be willing to pay a premium of 5 to 10% for regional hops. The expanding craft brewing market and the strength of the localvore movement have outlined a need to investigate the viability for hops production in the area. We received an USDA Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative grant in partnership with Washington State University, Colorado State University, and Michigan State University with a goal of developing organic hop agronomic practices and recommendations. We have also received funds for our research through the Vermont Brewers Association, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Specialty Crops Program to support our work.  The Vermont Agricultural Innovations Center has also been a key partner in enabling a lot of our outreach programs.  The blueprints to these designs are publicly available on our wiki site. The Northeast IPM Center has also been a partner in the development of integrated pest management practices in hopyards. We continue to work toward discovering the most viable varieties for both organic and conventional hops production in our region. Ultimately, we hope to find cultivars that combine disease resistance, high yields, and desirable brewing attributes. We are also investigating various fertility and pest management strategies for organic hop production. Check back here frequently for more information and updates, and subscribe to our hops blog!


    Bulletins, Research Reports, and Online Tools


    Conference Proceedings

    2014 Vermont Hops Conference (February 27, 2014)

    Online proceedings for the the 5th Annual Vermont Hops Conference are available for $25 and include both video recordings and PDFs of all presentations. The proceedings are housed at eXtension’s Online campus at: If you have not yet been to this site, you will need to create an account. To do so, on the left bar under “Login,” click on “Create new account.” You will need to complete some basic information and confirm your account via email.  Once you have created an account, you may enroll in the proceedings by going to You will enter your payment into eXtension’s PayPal system.

    2013 Winter Hops Conference (February 22, 2013)

    2012 Winter Hops Conference (March 19, 2012)

    2011 Winter Hops Conference (February 18, 2011)

    2010 Winter Hops Conference: Hopping To It! (March 26, 2010)


    Hop Resources

    Hopyard Construction



    Hop Varieties

    Rhizomes — Wholesale

    Rhizomes — Home Growers

    Pest Management

    Harvesting Info

    Quality Testing

    General Hoppy Information

    Organizations of Note






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