Environmental Studies at UVM

Students Teaching Students (STS)

Students Teaching Students (STS) courses are taught by students in the Environmental Program nearly every year. Developed by two students at Williams College, STS/LEAD USA (Leadership Education and Development) was designed as a learning model intended to empower students. This model redefines the common, society-mandated concept of education as a one-way dynamic between lecturer and student, professor and professee. Students teach students, learning from each other's experience and open discussion.

With careful guidance by faculty, students—usually two together—design a syllabus and detailed teaching plan and present their ideas to the Program faculty for review. If their plan is approved as an ENVS 197 Student-Designed Course, they advertise it, launch it and work with a small class of students—usually 12 – 15. Often, but not always, the student who develop the courses do so as their ENVS 202 senior thesis/project.

STS Course Guidelines for Review and Approval


ENVS STS Courses by Year Taught

Fall 2013
Emergent Communities: A Post-Crisis America
Student Facilitators: Meraz Mostafa '15 and Peter Huntington '14
Today, our country and globe face a diverse array of crises that expose the vulnerabilities of our societal structure. This course investigates a variety of case studies in order to understand the vulnerabilities of communities when disasters strike; the transformations undergone, potential for new communities to emerge. Our hope is to gain a greater understanding of what communities in a 'post-crisis' United States may have to look like if we are going to survive.

Spring 2013
Hunger, Leadership, and Social Change
Student Facilitators: Abagail Hunter '13 and Courtney Casper '13

Spring 2012
Hunger, Leadership, and Social Change
Student facilitators: Samantha Ethridge '12 and Catherine Gannascoli '12

Fall 2011
Gender, Power, Action
Student Facilitators: Avery Pittman '12 and Abbie Schnibbe '12

Intentional Communities Activism
Student Facilitators: Jens Pharr '12 and Cayla Tepper '12

Spring 2011
Psychological and Indigenous Approaches to Environmental Learning
Student Facilitators: Hannah Ohlson '12 and Patrick Intollube-Chmil '12

Spring 2010
Environmental Activism
Student Facilitator: Connor Gibson '10 and Jessica Serrante '10

Ecological Tipping Points and World Systems Analysis
Student Facilitator: Keith Brunner '10

Rethinking Education Paradigms
Student Facilitator: Ben Shafer-Rickles '10

Spring 2009
Intentional Communities
Student Facilitator: Erica Wilson '09

International Environmental Justice
Student Facilitator: Pier Amelia Davis '09

Fall 2008
Cultivating Holistic Lifestyles: Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment
Student Facilitators: Betsy Costilo '09

Spring 2008
Making Peace: Nonviolent Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution
Student Facilitator: Deborah Krug '08

Fall 2006
Food, Farms and Community
Student Facilitator: Robin Loiuse Colt '07

Yogic Environmental Philosophy
Student Facilitators: Keri Johnson '07 and Erin McKeon '07

Spring 2006
Student Facilitators: Hayden Boska '06 and Gregory Rosewell '06

Spring 2005
Campus Sustainability
Student Facilitators: Emily Ann Baldauf-Wagner '05 and Jeff Gutierrez '05

Exploring Communities of Intention
Student Facilitators: Briana Leigh Farver '05 and Sara Kamara Yassky '05

Spring 2004
Cultivating a Holistic Lifestyle
Student Facilitators: Bonnie Hudspeth '04 and Sara Joblonski '04

Student Facilitators: Eric Heineman '04 and Simon Abramson '04

Spring 2003
Student Facilitators: Amanda Henchel '03 and Lizzy Maltzman '03

International Environmental Justice
Student Facilitators: Mai Nguyen '03 and Erik Wallenberg '03

Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology
Student Facilitator: Jeremy Dowdy '04 and Rebecca Ebel '03

Spring 2000
Environmental Justice
Student Facilitators: Jaqui Lipson '00 and Jacky McDonough '00

Biotechnology and Democracy
Student Facilitator: Jon Akland '97

Student Facilitators: Gwen Sheinfeld '97, Stephanie Login '97, Amanda Cohen '97

Wilderness Education
Student Facilitator: Mike Donohue '97

Living Self-Sufficiently
Student Facilitator: Julia Grand '95

American Nature Writing
Student Facilitator: Maria Hummel '94