Environmental Studies at UVM

Teage O'Connor


Environmental Program

Areas of Interest: 

Natural history, urban ecology, primitive skills, nature-connection


Teage is interested in building community in urban areas centered connection to the natural world. His teaching, in both formal academics settings and internships through his youth program, Crow's Path, focus learning on direct engagement with the natural world through primitive skills, primary observation, and nature awareness. His UVM course on Centennial Woods meets at his house, which sits at the end of a quiet street adjacent to Centennial Woods, and offers students a chance to connect to and explore the natural history UVM's most prominent and accessible Natural Area.

Teage is the founder and director of Crow's Path a local nature-connection program for people of all ages. He also runs the Earth Skills Seminar, a community course on primitive skills, leads natural history backpacking trips during the summer, teaches at the community college, and writes natural history articles. His other hobbies include knitting, urban homesteading, spoon carving, and wild harvesting.


  • M.S. Field Naturalist Program, UVM, 2010
  • B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Chicago, 2006