Environmental Studies at UVM

Jennifer Attig, December '13

ENVS major in the College of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in environment and health, and a minor in sociology

Jennifer preparing herbal remediesI’m from Rutland, a small city two hours south of Burlington. I have always felt drawn to UVM. Perhaps it is the beauty of Lake Champlain, or the kind-hearted people this city attracts.

My study abroad program on environmental health in India really helped to define my passion for a holistic way of living. One of my favorite courses at UVM was “Ecology of Health and Wellbeing," which taught me about promoting long-term health, wellbeing and happiness while having as little negative impact as possible on our earth. It became my ENVS senior capstone course and helped me to design an internship with a small, local company called Urban Moonshine that specializes in the production of organic bitters and tonics. As the production assistant, I have engaged in hands-on work with herbal medicine--a perfect expression of my passion for natural, noninvasive healing.

Jen Attig with monkey in IndiaMy internship with Urban Moonshine has now developed into a full-time job in production, providing traditional medicinals to our modern world. I also enjoy learning about herbs outside of work. My friends and I are creating a homemade apothecary. After graduation I will dedicate my time to expanding my knowledge about herbalism and traditional medicine. As a professional healer, I ultimately aspire to introduce others to holistic living and herbal medicine, for the healing of our planet.