Environmental Studies at UVM

Core/Emeriti Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty & Staff

Kit Anderson

Senior Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Nature-society relationships, cultural geography, ethnobotany, traditional storytelling, contemplative practices in higher education

Cecilia Danks

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community forestry, socioeconomic monitoring, forest stewardship, institutions for co-management, forest certification, collaborative processes, the working forest, sustainable development, wildfire management policies, nonprofit-sector, and watershed organizations

Anna DeGloria

Program Assistant, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Student services support, office support, advising, special projects

Jaclyn Devino

Administrative Assistant

Areas of Interest: Office reception and management, appointment scheduling, student records, food systems and education for sustainable development

Jon Erickson


Areas of Interest: Energy and climate change policy, land conservation, watershed planning, environmental public health, and the theory and practice of ecological economics

Thomas Hudspeth

Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Sustainability, sustainability education, sustainable communities, environmental education, environmental interpretation, ecotourism, citizen participation, international environmental issues

Adrian Ivakhiv

Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Environmental philosophy, cultural theory, media/communication/arts, religion and ecology, global cultural change

Stephanie Kaza

Professor, Environmental Program Director, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Buddhist environmental thought, religion and ecology, sustainability studies, impacts of consumerism, bicycle commuting quality of life values

Laurie Kutner

Library Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental information literacy, environmental research methods, global information environment, Costa Rica

V. Ernesto Mendez

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Agroecology, political ecology, agro-food systems, Participatory Action Research, environmental conservation in agricultural landscapes, rural livelihoods

Ingrid Lauren Nelson

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Feminist political ecology, critical development studies, southern Africa and Mozambique, queer ecologies, forestry, agriculture, environmental movements

Rick Paradis

UVM Natural Areas Center Director, Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Conservation Biology, Natural Areas Management, Ecological Rstoration, Land Conservation, Comparative Landscape Studies

Amy Seidl

Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Ecology; evolutionary biology; global climate change; climate adaptation; sustainability science; communicating science

Elizabeth (Ibit) Wright (formerly Getchell)

Student Services Coordinator, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Student services, academic and study abroad advising, internship and job guidance

Frank Zelko

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Global environmental history, history of environmentalism, ideas about nature, animal studies

Emeriti Faculty & Staff

Sue Bean

Administrative Assistant Emerita

Areas of Interest: Office reception and managment, appointment scheduling, student records

William Eddy

Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest: Cultural and linguistic influences on environmental perception

Carl Reidel

Founding Director, Professor Emeritus, (March 5, 1937 - November 3, 2011)

Jean Richardson

Professor Emerita

Areas of Interest: sustainable rural community development; environmental negotiation and leadership; regional analysis

Ian Worley

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Plant Biology; Environmental Program Director from 1994 to 2008, Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: natural history, weather, climate, natural landscapes, avian distributions