Environmental Studies at UVM


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Core Faculty & Staff

Katharine (Kit) Anderson

Senior Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Nature-society relationships, cultural geography, ethnobotany, traditional storytelling, contemplative practices in higher education

Cecilia Danks

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community forestry, socioeconomic monitoring, forest stewardship, institutions for co-management, forest certification, collaborative processes, the working forest, sustainable development, wildfire management policies, nonprofit-sector, and watershed organizations

Amara (formerly Jaclyn) Devino

Administrative Assistant

Areas of Interest: Office reception and management, appointment scheduling, student records, food systems and education for sustainable development

Jon Erickson

Professor, Fellow of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Energy and climate change policy, land conservation, watershed planning, environmental public health, and the theory and practice of ecological economics

Brendan Fisher

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Biodiversity conservation, conservation and human livelihoods, environmental economics, environment, equity and justice, ecosystem services.

Rachelle Gould

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Sustainability values, well-being, learning, policy, diversity, equity, and behavior.

Adrian Ivakhiv

Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Environmental philosophy, cultural theory, media/communication/arts, religion and ecology, global cultural change

Laurie Kutner

Library Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental information literacy, environmental research methods, global information environment, Costa Rica

David Massell

Professor, Environmental Program Interim Director

Areas of Interest: Canadian history, Canadian-American relations, environmental history, resource development of the Canadian North, and North American Indians.

V. Ernesto Mendez

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Agroecology, political ecology, agro-food systems, Participatory Action Research, environmental conservation in agricultural landscapes, rural livelihoods

Ingrid Lauren Nelson

Assistant Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Feminist political ecology, critical development studies, southern Africa and Mozambique, queer ecologies, forestry, agriculture, environmental movements

Trish O'Kane

Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Community organizing and action-research, environmental and social justice (racism, poverty and militarism), environmental education, ornithology and conservation, environmental journalism, and the public health benefits of nature-watching and birding (psychological ecosystem services).

Bindu Panikkar

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental health, community based research, environmental policy, Natural resources, Arctic environment and health, environmental health social movements, and environmental justice

Rick Paradis

UVM Natural Areas Center Director, Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Conservation Biology, Natural Areas Management, Ecological Rstoration, Land Conservation, Comparative Landscape Studies

Amy Seidl

Environmental Program Interim Associate Director, Lecturer, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Ecology; evolutionary biology; global climate change; climate adaptation; sustainability science; communicating science

Meg Taylor

Program Assistant

Areas of Interest: Student services support, office support, advising, special projects

Elizabeth (Ibit) Wright (formerly Getchell)

Student Services Coordinator, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Student services, academic and study abroad advising, internship and job guidance

Frank Zelko

Associate Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Global environmental history, history of environmentalism, ideas about nature, animal studies

Emeriti Faculty & Staff

Sue Bean

Administrative Assistant Emerita

Areas of Interest: Office reception and managment, appointment scheduling, student records

William Eddy

Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest: Cultural and linguistic influences on environmental perception

Thomas Hudspeth

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources

Areas of Interest: Sustainability, sustainability education, sustainable communities, environmental education, environmental interpretation, ecotourism, behavior and environment, citizen participation, international environmental issues.

Stephanie Kaza

Professor Emerita of Environmental Studies

Areas of Interest: Buddhist environmental thought, religion and ecology, sustainability studies, impacts of consumerism, bicycle commuting quality of life values

Carl Reidel

Founding Director, Professor Emeritus, (March 5, 1937 - November 3, 2011)

Jean Richardson

Professor Emerita

Areas of Interest: sustainable rural community development; environmental negotiation and leadership; regional analysis

Ian Worley

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Plant Biology; Environmental Program Director from 1994 to 2008, Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: natural history, weather, climate, natural landscapes, avian distributions

Part-Time Faculty

John Abbott

Lecturer; Asst. Director of Student Life, Outdoor Programs; Advisor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Areas of Interest: Wilderness leadership and education, peer education and leadership, inclusion and social justice, cultural conceptions of wilderness, transfer of learning, big mountain climbing and skiing

Saleem Hassan Ali

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: Causes and consequences of environmental conflicts, ecological factors that promote peace, promoting environmental education in madrassahs (Islamic religious schools). Saleem may be wiling to co-advise ENVS theses in areas of environmental conflict around extractive industries.

Joshua Brown

Lecturer, Senior Writer for Science and Environment, UVM

Areas of Interest: Environmental journalism and science writing

Todd Comen


Areas of Interest: Food systems research, ecotourism and rural tourism, international development, green building, sustainable tourism, small-scale agriculture and agroecology

Alicia Daniel


Areas of Interest: Reading the landscape, conservation of wild places, storytelling, and connecting people to place through hands-on education and exuberant exploration

S'ra DeSantis


Areas of Interest: Organic agriculture, agroecology, conservation on farms

Andy Fisher


Areas of Interest: Ecopsychology, critical environmental thought, nature connection movement

Heather Fitzgerald


Areas of Interest: Land use history, disturbance history, ecology, perception of nature, nature writing

Eric Garza


Areas of Interest: Energy systems, food systems, human ecology

Jennifer Green


Areas of Interest: Sustainability at the municipal and community level, climate action plan and greenhouse gas reduction, triple bottom-line accounting and the nexus between transportation, waste, and energy

Robert Huntoon


Vikke Jas


Areas of Interest: Designing, teaching and implementing sustainability in healthcare systems, especially small rural hospitals; hazardous waste and materials minimization

Annika Ljung-Baruth

Lecturer, Environmental Studies, English, and Women and Gender Studies

Katlyn Morris


Areas of Interest: Tropical smallholder agriculture; food security; international environmental studies; agroecology

Keith Morris


Jim Northup


Teage O'Connor


Areas of Interest: Natural history, urban ecology, primitive skills, nature-connection

Kathleen Osgood


Areas of Interest: Circumpolar studies, indigenous studies, native film, native literature, native art and music

Lance Polya

Lecturer II

Areas of Interest: Systems thinking, systems modeling

Jody Prescott

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Interest: Retired U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps officer whose current research and writing focuses on four major evolving international security topics: gender, the environment, ethics and cyber.

Barbara Raab


Areas of Interest: Western botanical medicine, holistic health, natural medicine, sustainable harvesting and use of wild medicinal plant species, sustainable horticulture and agriculture

Susan Raber-Bray


Cara Robechek


Areas of Interest: Environmental communication, children's environmental health and development, current environmental issues, environmental ethics and politics, global environmental issues

Pete Shear


Brian Tokar

Lecturer II

Areas of Interest: Social and environmental movements, climate justice, social ecology, GMOs and food justice

Christine Vatovec

Research Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Environmental health, socio-ecological consequences of medical care, health benefits of nature contact, qualitative methods

Richard Watts

Center for Reseach on Vermont Director, Assistant Research Professor, Advisor

Areas of Interest: Strategic communications and media discourse, public policy, energy use and transportation behavior, citizen participation

Dan Wells


Alumni Profiles

Lou Borie '77

Executive Director, Vermont Natural Resources Board

Susan Clark '83

Author, facilitator, community consultant

Tristam Coffin '07

Internal Sustainability Consultant, Whole Foods Market

Michael Crowley '02

Senior Program Manager, Institute for Sustainable Communities

Kerry Duggan '00

Director of Legislative, Regulatory, and Urban Affairs, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Rachel Jolly '94

Director of Women’s Programs, Vermont Works for Women

Laura Pagliarulo '02

Green Products Specialist, Washington Gas Energy Services

Eric Palola '82

Executive Director, Guanacaste Dry Forest Conservation Fund

Richard Wallace '88

Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies, Ursinus College

Erik Wallenberg '03

Doctoral Student in History, CUNY - NYC

Student Profiles

Erica Andrus '14

ENVS major in the College of Arts and Sciences, concentrating in Food, Land, and Community, with a double minor in sustainable landscape horticulture and French

Jennifer Attig, December '13

ENVS major in the College of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in environment and health, and a minor in sociology

Jack Markoski '14

ENVS major Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, concentrating in Ecology and Conservation, with a minor in Wildlife Biology

Emily McLean '16

ENVS major in the College of Arts and Sciences, concentrating in Environmental Policy and Development, with a double-minor in business administration and nutrition and food science

James Ridgely '13

ENVS major, concentrating in Ecology and Concentration, with a minor in History

Sabrina Smits '14

Double major of ENVS and Forestry in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Navah Stein '15

ENVS major in the College of Arts and Sciences, concentrating in Culture, Justice and Sustainable Development, with a double minor in Anthropology and Geography

Claire Wiggin '16

ENVS major in Rubenstein School of Environment Natural Resources, concentrating in Food, Land, and Community, with a double minor in Ecological Agriculture and Women and Gender Studies